See Manuscript Clearance Deadlines for Defense deadlines.

Outline of the graduation process

Commencement Info

Please e-mail Crystal Goodwin at : which one of the following statements applies to you:

If you are a PhD student then I need the following information from you regardless of whether or not you intend to participate in commencement

Commencement Info:
Susie Doak Seminole – Creative Writing
B.A., University of Georgia
M.A., University of Georgia
Major Professor: Dr. Campbell Stadium
 "Dissertation title"

## Degree Requirements

Check with Crystal Goodwin to make sure all degree requirements are completed.

See the Graduate School overview of the defence and manuscript clearance process.

See Manuscript Clearance Deadlines for deadlines.

At least two weeks prior to defense, enter your Defense Announcement at the Manuscript Clearance Portal of the Graduate School. Also notify}} at, who will see that the defense is announced in BIONOTES.

Post Defense Clearance

Defense Approval Forms -- WITHIN 60 DAYS AFTER DEFENSE

Exit Surveys


Upon successful completion of the defense, submit the following to the Biological Science Graduate Office:

Separation Checklist

NOTE: Students must complete the entire manuscript clearance process within 60 days of the defense of their manuscript. If a student is unable to successfully complete the entire process within the 60 days, they will have to redo the defense. Students can NOT receive waivers of the final semester registration policy. Students are required to register for 2 hours of thesis research (BSC 5971) or 2 hours of dissertation research (BSC 6980), as appropriate, the semester the degree is awarded.


Students using the Marine Lab for any part of their thesis or dissertation research should supply the Marine Lab with a ring-bound copy of the final document. The department will cover the costs of copying and binding this copy.

If you still need your computer account after graduation, contact Alex Stuy, 2054 KIN. Don’t forget to leave a forwarding address with Departmental Clerical Office, 2065 KIN, as well as the Biology Graduate Office.