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  • Florida Panhandle is a hotspot for carnivorous plants (Photo Credit: Pierson Hill).
  • Spider waiting on Grass-of-Parnassus flower (Photo Credit: Pierson Hill).
  • Barbour's Map Turtles are endemic to the Florida Panhandle and adjacent Georgia and Alabama (Photo Credit: Pierson Hill).
  • A female Frosted Flatwoods Salamander deposits eggs (Photo Credit: Pierson Hill).
  • Snowy Plover chick at local beach (Photo Credit: Pierson Hill).

A Hotspot for Biodiversity

The Ecology and Evolution Group at Florida State University combines the energy, skills, and knowledge of scholars at all career stages to solve biological problems at the interface between ecology and evolution. Our faculty has broad research interests that link deep natural history with modern quantitative and molecular techniques. We are an unusually interactive group where students find doors open rather than closed. The concentration of our faculty within one department facilitates these interactions.

Graduate students are welcomed as a key component of our intellectual community, forming the circulatory system that promotes exchange among research areas. We offer a challenging yet supportive environment for graduate studies, in which our students are exposed to the full range of modern ecological and evolutionary studies. If you want to know how great our program is, ask our graduate students.

The Tallahassee region is a hotspot for biodiversity and offers ready access to diverse habitats including terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. The quality of these sites enables many of our students and faculty to perform a significant portion of their research within 50 miles of Tallahassee. However, our research spans the globe, including permanent sites in the Carribean and Central America, and projects in sites as diverse as China, Australia, and Brazil.

FSU Ecology and Evolution Outreach