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    Featuring CMB laboratories and FSU graduate students.

    Aluvila, S., T. Mandal, E. Hustedt, P. Fajer, J.Y. Choe, and K.J. Oh. 2014. Organization of the mitochondrial apoptotic BAK pore: oligomerization of the BAK homodimers. J Biol Chem. 289:2537-2551.

    Bass, H.W., E.E. Wear, T.J. Lee, G.G. Hoffman, H.K. Gumber, G.C. Allen, W.F. Thompson, and L. Hanley-Bowdoin. 2014. A maize root tip system to study DNA replication programmes in somatic and endocycling nuclei during plant development. J Exp Bot. 65:2747-2756.

    Bradshaw, M.D., and B.J. Gaffney. 2014. Fluctuations of an Exposed pi-Helix Involved in Lipoxygenase Substrate Recognition. Biochemistry. 53:5102-5110.

    Brewer, T.E., M. Elizabeth Stroupe, and K.M. Jones. 2014. The genome, proteome and phylogenetic analysis of Sinorhizobium meliloti phage PhiM12, the founder of a new group of T4-superfamily phages. Virology. 450-451:84-97.

    Brunet, N.M., P.B. Chase, G. Mihajlovic, and B. Schoffstall. 2014. Ca(2+)-regulatory function of the inhibitory peptide region of cardiac troponin I is aided by the C-terminus of cardiac troponin T: Effects of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutations cTnI R145G and cTnT R278C, alone and in combination, on filament sliding. Arch Biochem Biophys. 552-553:11-20.

    Caudle, S.B., C.R. Miller, and D.R. Rokyta. 2014. Environment determines epistatic patterns for a ssDNA virus. Genetics. 196:267-279.

    Cui, H., D. Kong, X. Liu, and Y. Hao. 2014. SCARECROW, SCR-LIKE 23 and SHORT-ROOT control bundle sheath cell fate and function in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J. 78:319-327.

    Darrow, E.M., and B.P. Chadwick. 2014. A novel tRNA variable number tandem repeat at human chromosome 1q23.3 is implicated as a boundary element based on conservation of a CTCF motif in mouse. Nucleic Acids Res. 42:6421-6435.

    Darrow, E.M., A.P. Seberg, S. Das, D.M. Figueroa, Z. Sun, S.C. Moseley, and B.P. Chadwick. 2014. A region of euchromatin coincides with an extensive tandem repeat on the mouse (Mus musculus) inactive X chromosome. Chromosome Res. 22:335-350.

    Easton, E.E., E.M. Darrow, T. Spears, and D. Thistle. 2014. The mitochondrial genomes of Amphiascoides atopus and Schizopera knabeni (Harpacticoida: Miraciidae) reveal similarities between the copepod orders Harpacticoida and Poecilostomatoida. Gene. 538:123-137.

    Gao, X., C. Wang, and H. Cui. 2014. Identification of bundle sheath cell fate factors provides new tools for C3-to-C4 engineering. Plant Signal Behav. 9:e29162.

    Jean-Francois, F.L., J. Dai, L. Yu, A. Myrick, E. Rubin, P.G. Fajer, L. Song, H.X. Zhou, and T.A. Cross. 2014. Binding of MgtR, a Salmonella transmembrane regulatory peptide, to MgtC, a Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence factor: a structural study. J Mol Biol. 426:436-446.

    Li, P., H. Jin, and H.G. Yu. 2014. Condensin suppresses recombination and regulates double-strand break processing at the repetitive rDNA array to ensure proper chromosome segregation during meiosis in budding yeast. Mol Biol Cell. 2014 Aug 7. pii: mbc.E14-05-0957. [Epub ahead of print]

    Lu, J., H. Li, M. Hu, T. Sasaki, A. Baccei, D.M. Gilbert, J.S. Liu, J.J. Collins, and P.H. Lerou. 2014. The distribution of genomic variations in human iPSCs is related to replication-timing reorganization during reprogramming. Cell Rep. 7:70-78.

    Lupinek, C., E. Wollmann, A. Baar, S. Banerjee, H. Breiteneder, B.M. Broecker, M. Bublin, M. Curin, S. Flicker, T. Garmatiuk, H. Hochwallner, I. Mittermann, S. Pahr, Y. Resch, K.H. Roux, B. Srinivasan, S. Stentzel, S. Vrtala, L.N. Willison, M. Wickman, K.C. Lodrup-Carlsen, J.M. Anto, J. Bousquet, C. Bachert, D. Ebner, T. Schlederer, C. Harwanegg, and R. Valenta. 2014. Advances in allergen-microarray technology for diagnosis and monitoring of allergy: the MeDALL allergen-chip. Methods. 66:106-119.

    Madzima, T.F., J. Huang, and K.M. McGinnis. 2014. Chromatin structure and gene expression changes associated with loss of MOP1 activity in Zea mays. Epigenetics. 9.

    Margres, M.J., J.J. McGivern, K.P. Wray, M. Seavy, K. Calvin, and D.R. Rokyta. 2014. Linking the transcriptome and proteome to characterize the venom of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus). J Proteomics. 96:145-158.

    Murphy, S.P., H.K. Gumber, Y. Mao, and H.W. Bass. 2014. A dynamic meiotic SUN belt includes the zygotene-stage telomere bouquet and is disrupted in chromosome segregation mutants of maize (Zea mays L.). Front Plant Sci. 5:314.

    Pope, B.D., and D.M. Gilbert. 2014. Genetics: Up and down in Down's syndrome. Nature. 508:323-324.

    Sexton, B.S., D. Avey, B.R. Druliner, J.A. Fincher, D.L. Vera, D.J. Grau, M.L. Borowsky, S. Gupta, S.B. Girimurugan, E. Chicken, J. Zhang, W.S. Noble, F. Zhu, R.E. Kingston, and J.H. Dennis. 2014. The spring-loaded genome: nucleosome redistributions are widespread, transient, and DNA-directed. Genome Res. 24:251-259.

    Sexton, B.S., B.R. Druliner, D. Avey, F. Zhu, and J.H. Dennis. 2014. Changes in nucleosome occupancy occur in a chromosome specific manner. Genomics Data. 16 June 2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.gdata.2014.06.006.

    Sima, J., and D.M. Gilbert. 2014. Complex correlations: replication timing and mutational landscapes during cancer and genome evolution. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 25:93-100.

    Stroupe, M.E., T.E. Brewer, D.R. Sousa, and K.M. Jones. 2014. The structure of Sinorhizobium meliloti phage PhiM12, which has a novel T=19l triangulation number and is the founder of a new group of T4-superfamily phages. Virology. 450-451:205-212.

    Tamori, Y., and W.M. Deng. 2014. Compensatory cellular hypertrophy: the other strategy for tissue homeostasis. Trends Cell Biol. 24:230-237.

    Taylor, K.A., M. Feig, C.L. Brooks, 3rd, P.M. Fagnant, S. Lowey, and K.M. Trybus. 2014. Role of the essential light chain in the activation of smooth muscle myosin by regulatory light chain phosphorylation. J Struct Biol. 185:375-382.

    Thiebaud, N., M.C. Johnson, J.L. Butler, G.A. Bell, K.L. Ferguson, A.R. Fadool, J.C. Fadool, A.M. Gale, D.S. Gale, and D.A. Fadool. 2014. Hyperlipidemic diet causes loss of olfactory sensory neurons, reduces olfactory discrimination, and disrupts odor-reversal learning. J Neurosci. 34:6970-6984.

    van der Linde, K., E. Fumagalli, G. Roman, and L.C. Lyons. 2014. The FlyBar: administering alcohol to flies. J Vis Exp.

    Willison, L.N., S.K. Sathe, and K.H. Roux. 2014. Production and analysis of recombinant tree nut allergens. Methods. 66:34-43.

    Wu, X., E.M. Lee, C. Hammack, J.M. Robotham, M. Basu, J. Lang, M.A. Brinton, and H. Tang. 2014. Cell Death-Inducing DFFA-Like Effector b Is Required for Hepatitis C Virus Entry into Hepatocytes. J Virol. 88:8433-8444.

    Yoshimatsu, T., P.R. Williams, F.D. D'Orazi, S.C. Suzuki, J.M. Fadool, W.T. Allison, P.A. Raymond, and R.O. Wong. 2014. Transmission from the dominant input shapes the stereotypic ratio of photoreceptor inputs onto horizontal cells. Nat Commun. 5:3699.

    Yu, F., Y. Peng, Q. Wang, Y. Shi, L. Si, H. Wang, Y. Zheng, E. Lee, S. Xiao, M. Yu, Y. Li, C. Zhang, H. Tang, C. Wang, L. Zhang, and D. Zhou. 2014. Development of bivalent oleanane-type triterpenes as potent HCV entry inhibitors. Eur J Med Chem. 77:258-268.


    Chadwick, B.P., and K.C. Scott. 2013. Molecular versatility: the many faces and functions of noncoding RNA. Chromosome Res. 21:555-559.

    Chase, P.B., M.P. Szczypinski, and E.P. Soto. 2013. Nuclear tropomyosin and troponin in striated muscle: new roles in a new locale? J Muscle Res Cell Motil. 34:275-284.

    Cordina, N.M., C.K. Liew, D.A. Gell, P.G. Fajer, J.P. Mackay, and L.J. Brown. 2013. Effects of calcium binding and the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy A8V mutation on the dynamic equilibrium between closed and open conformations of the regulatory N-domain of isolated cardiac troponin C. Biochemistry. 52:1950-1962.

    Culver-Cochran, A.E., and B.P. Chadwick. 2013. Loss of WSTF results in spontaneous fluctuations of heterochromatin formation and resolution, combined with substantial changes to gene expression. BMC Genomics. 14:740.

    Darrow, E.M., and B.P. Chadwick. 2013. Boosting transcription by transcription: enhancer-associated transcripts. Chromosome Res. 21:713-724.

    Druliner, B.R., J.A. Fincher, B.S. Sexton, D.L. Vera, M. Roche, S. Lyle, and J.H. Dennis. 2013. Chromatin patterns associated with lung adenocarcinoma progression. Cell Cycle. 12:1536-1543.

    Fincher, J.A., D.L. Vera, D.D. Hughes, K.M. McGinnis, J.H. Dennis, and H.W. Bass. 2013. Genome-wide prediction of nucleosome occupancy in maize reveals plant chromatin structural features at genes and other elements at multiple scales. Plant Physiol. 162:1127-1141.

    Frausto, S.D., E. Lee, and H. Tang. 2013. Cyclophilins as modulators of viral replication. Viruses. 5:1684-1701.

    Garreta, A., S.P. Val-Moraes, Q. Garcia-Fernandez, M. Busquets, C. Juan, A. Oliver, A. Ortiz, B.J. Gaffney, I. Fita, A. Manresa, and X. Carpena. 2013. Structure and interaction with phospholipids of a prokaryotic lipoxygenase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. FASEB J. 27:4811-4821.

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    Loong*, C.K., A.K. Takeda*, M.A. Badr, J.S. Rogers, and P.B. Chase. 2013. Slowed Dynamics of Thin Filament Regulatory Units Reduces Ca-Sensitivity of Cardiac Biomechanical Function. Cell Mol Bioeng. 6:183-198.

    Margres, M.J., K. Aronow, J. Loyacano, and D.R. Rokyta. 2013. The venom-gland transcriptome of the eastern coral snake (Micrurus fulvius) reveals high venom complexity in the intragenomic evolution of venoms. BMC Genomics. 14:531.

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