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Compiled advice for navigating grad school
    - General tips from veteran E&E grads for new students
    - Career development plan
    - What to expect at your annual committee meeting
    - What to expect in grad reviews
    - Why do we require preliminary exams?
    - Guide to EE Prelims (2022 Update)
    - From student to colleague (Travis)
    - Cynical advice (Stearns)
    - Acynical advice (Huey)

    - Upcoming courses in E&E
    - Grad beta
    - Graduate student handbook
    - Scholarships & awards

    - Local Areas of Recreation
    - Community Resources
    - FSU Mental Health Resources
    - Tallahassee Area Mental Health Resources

Future career resources
    - Texas A&M Job Board
    - Resources for Applying to Small Liberal Arts Colleges
    - Job Interviewing Tips
    - How to Create a Teaching Portfolio (Hill)
    - European Job Search
    - Microbiology-Related Job Postings
    - Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources through Univeristy of Georgia Job Board
    - USA Jobs
    - Florida Fish and Wildlife Service Pathways Program
    - Association of Zoos & Aquariums Job Board
    - World Aquaculture Society Employment Service
    - HigherEd Job Resources
    - "Inside Higher Ed Careers" Job Postings
    - Organization for Tropical Studies
    - The School for Field Studies
    - Wildlands Studies Employment Opportunities
    - Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison Postdoctoral Position Postings
    - United Nations Careers Postings
    - Conservation International Job Postings

PIVOT Funding Search

Ecological Society of America ECOLOG listserv

Advice on Graduate School, Postdocs, and Beyond from Spencer Hall at Indiana University

Soft coral off the coast of Belize. Photo by EERDG-ite Abbey Engleman.