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Optical sections through maize pollen mother cells

  • Maize Bouquet
    (Murphy, Bass), maize line A344+ at the bouquet stage, as seen by telomere FISH, from 3-D, three-wavelength image.

  • Maize Bouquet
    (Bass, Sedat, Cande), as seen by telomere FISH, from 3-D, two-wavelength image.

  • Telomere and 5S rDNA FISH at pachytene with DAPI plus two FISH probes 
    (Bass, Sedat, Cande) Same nucleus, different sections and pseudo-coloring
    6sa2.JPG, Blue=DAPI, Green=Telomere-FITC, and Red=5srDNA-Rhodamine.
    6sa3.GIF, Red=DAPI, Green=Telomere-FITC, and Blue=5srDNA-Rhodamine

  • Maize Inbred Line A344 has a conspicuous bouquet (Bordoli, Bass, FSU) 
    Most maize lines do not reveal the bouquet structure in DAPI-stained chromosome images. A344 + is an exception. Here are various views (projections) of a single nucleus at late zygotene.
    DAPI Image - DNA, the bouquet is at 11 o'clock and knobs are evident
    SPIN ME 360 movie

    FITC Image - Telomeres; telomere cluster is evident
    SPIN ME 360 movie

    RHOD Image - knobs; direct labeled rhodamine oligo probes for knobs, NUBI-R, stains knob sequence clusters, including small telomeric clusters.
    SPIN ME 360 movie

    3 Color Overlay; shows DAPI (red), FITC-telomeres (green), and Rhodamine (white-knobs). Scale bars are 5 micron.
    SPIN ME 360 movie


Spinning Projections of 3D images (.mov); supplement to J Cell Sci v113:1033-1042 manuscript.
Chromosome paint (green) and telomere FISH (purple) at meiotic prophase.


GEMINIVIRUS DNA Localized by FISH to Intranuclear Compartments
  • Supplemental Movies of 3D data (preview - under construction)
  • Link goes to Abstract page with links to movies, cover photo, etc.
    These data are from a collaboration with Niki Robertson and Linda Hanley-Bowdoin at NC State University.

Wheel-o-meiosisGreenPower Version

knob FISH eyes, beware ...

Stereo Pair with groovy colors, knob-stained K10 at pachytene.

What's wrong with this nucleus?

Oat-Maize9 MEIOTIC CHROMOSOME PAINTING (Supplemental data)



The Laboratory of Dr. Hank W. Bass
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