Quicktime Movies of optical reconstructions

3D deconvolution of FISH images

"Sections" are the optical section series for a nucleus subset
"Spinner" are 360 rotating projections (max intensity method)
DAPI image is chromatin and DNA, 
FITC image is background autoflouresence (usually not shown)
TXRD image is Texas-Red-labeled ologonucleotide FISH probe for TGMV
RHOD image is Rhodamine-labeled FISH probe

SUPPLEMENTAL MOVIE DATA corresponds to data publised in: Bass H., Nagar S., Hanley-Bowdoin L., and Robertson, D. (2000) Chromosome condensation induced by geminivirus infection of mature plant cells. Journal Cell Science 113(7):1149-1160. Abstract and links

Nucleus   JCS         Detects,                         Wav  Movie Type
dataset   Fig  PROBE  hybs to    Quicktime Movie 
1u3a.s02  3A   AM+BM  + strand  1u3a.s02-dapi.mov      DAPI b/w   Sections
   "                            1u3a.s02-txrd.mov      TXRD b/w   Sections
   "                            1u3a.s02-color.mov     both color Sections
   "                            1u3a.s02-dapi360.mov   DAPI b/w   Spinner
   "                            1u3a.s02-txrd360.mov   TXRD b/w   Spinner
   "                            1u3a.s02-color360.mov  both color Spinner

2u3b.s01  4C   AP+BP  - strand  2u3b.s01-dapi.mov      DAPI b/w   Sections
                                2u3b.s01-txrd.mov      TXRD color Sections
                                2u3b.s01-color.mov     both color Sections
                                2u3b.s01-bigcolor.mov  (zoom)

3u3a.s01  5A  N.benth. plant DNA
                                3u3a.s01-dapi.mov      DAPI b/w   Sections
                                3u3a.s01-rhod.mov      RHOD b/w   Sections
                                3u3a.s01-color.mov     both color Sections