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  • ZMT - Zach M. Turpin, CMB graduate program (2015- ).
  • JRR - Juan R. Reza, CMB graduate program (2018- ).


  • HFS - Heidi F. Salihovic Math Major, Volunteer, DIS, (2018- )
  • ENG - Emily N. Griffin Biology Major, UROP (2018- )
  • SAB - Stefanie A. Boothe Biology Major, DIS (2019- )


  • Hank W. Bass, Ph.D.; Lab Head, (1998- )
  • Chelsea R. Green; Environmental Science Major Lab and Field Tech, (2019- )



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  • George Koumbaris, M.S. Biological Science, FSU, 2002; DOE-CPBR Graduate Fellow (2001-02)
    "Development of a new cytogenetic mapping strategy for maize (Zea mays L.)"
    Current Position: George Koumbaris, PhD; Chief Scientific Officer; NIPD Genetics, Nicosia, Cyprus, EU.
  • Calin O. Marian, Ph.D. Biological Science, 2005.
    Dissertation via DigiNole
    "Identification of maize (Zea mays L.) genes encoding telomere repeat DNA-binding proteins"
    Current Position: Calin Marian, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology University of Central Arkansas; Conway, Arkansas, USA.
  • F. Ina E. Amarillo, Ph.D. Biological Science, 2007.
    Dissertation via DigiNole
    "Construction and Analysis of a Transgenomic Cytogenetic Sorghum (Sorghum propinquum) BAC FISH Map of Maize (Zea may s L.) Pachytene Chromosome"
    Current position: Ina Amarillo, PhD, FACMG; Associate Professor, Pathology and Immunologyi & Associate Medical Director, Cytogenomics and Molecular Pathology Lab, Washington University School of Medicine; Saint Louis, MO, USA.
  • Joel M. Moore, M.S. Biological Science, 2009.
    Thesis via DigiNole
    "Investigating the DNA Binding Properties of the Initiator Binding Protein 2 (IBP2) in Maize"
  • Amber N. Brown, Ph.D. Biological Science, 2011.
    Dissertation via DigiNole
    "QTL mapping and candidate gene analysis of telomere length control in maize (Zea mays L.)."
    Current Position: Assistant in Research Faculty, Next Generation Sequencing Library Facility, Dept Biological Science, FSU, Tallahassee, FL, USA.
  • Debbie M. Figueroa, Ph.D. Biological Science, 2011.
    Dissertation via DigiNole
    "Development of pachytene cytogenetic fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) maps for six maize chromosomes: insights into genome structure."
    Current Position: Laboratory Genetics and Genomics (LGG) Fellowship Trainee at National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). [LinkedIn]
  • Shaun P. Murphy, Ph.D. Molecular Biophysics, 2011.
    Dissertation via DigiNole
    "3D molecular cytological and genetic analysis of the SUN-domain proteins in maize meiosis: discovery of a novel plant SUN family, including SUN3, a candidate gene for the desynaptic (dy) mutant."

  • Z. DJ Wiggins, M.S., 2014, FAMU (Major Prof. OU Onokpise)
  • Daniel L. Vera, Ph.D. Biological Science, 2014.
    Dissertation via DigiNole
    "Nucleosome Fragility and Resistance: An Additional Dimension of Chromatin Structure in formation in Eukaryotic Genomes." (co-advised by JH Dennis)
    Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Sinclair Lab.
  • DSW - Delvin S. Williams, M.S. 2018 FAMU (Major Prof. OU Onokpise)
  • Hardeep K. Gumber, Ph.D. Biological Science, 2019.
    Dissertation via ProQuest
    "Identification And Characterization Of Linker Of Nucleoskeleton And Cytoskeleton (LINC) Complex Components In Maize (Zea mays L.) Meiosis And Development"
    Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Scientist Biotechnology, Jersey City, NJ. [LinkedIn]
  • Katherine A. Easterling, Ph.D. 2019.
    "Cytogenetic Analysis of Male Meiosis in Humulus lupulus L. (hop): An investigation of a highly structurally variable genome"
    Current Position: Lead Research Scientist, Hopsteiner, Yakima, WA. [LinkedIn]


  • Marion M. Goltz, Ph.D., Research Assistant, (1999-2000), (MMG)
  • Ruth Didier, laboratory research assistant (2002-2003)
    Current position: Director, Flow Cytometry & Confocal Microscopy Facilities, College of Medicine, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA. [ Ruth's FSU COM Profile ]
  • Brian C. Ring, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Research Associate (2004-06)
    Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Valdosta State University, Valsosta, GA, USA. [ Brian's Faculty Webpage ]
  • Bobbye J. Hill Research Scientist & Project Manager; (2004-06)
  • Barbi M. Risken, FSU Music Graduate Student; Lab and field technician (2006)
  • Gregg G. Hoffman, Ph.D.; Sr. Project Manager, Maize Chromatin Structure Group (2010-12, 2017-19)
    Current position:Research Faculty, P. Fraser Lab, Dept. Biological Science, FSU, Tallahassee, FL, USA.
  • Yunyun Mao, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Research Scientist (2011-2012)
    Current position: Associate Research Professor, University of Science and Technology of China

(listing only fellows, awardees, or long-term/multi-semester members)

Former Undergrad Lab Members:

KPL - Kim P. Lindamood (1999); BS Biology; D.I.S.
AKH - Amy K. Hughes (1999); Science Education; D.I.S.
EMF - Eric M. Foss (1999-2000); BS Biology; D.I.S.
RAS - Rachel A. Mellwig (Santarella) (1999-2000); BS Biology; D.I.S.
LCK - Linda C. Kang (1999-2000); BS Biology; D.I.S.
SJN - Sara J. Noyes (2000); Biology major; D.I.S.
LPJ - Leisa P. Jackson (2000-02) BS Biology, D.I.S., laboratory technician.
TMS - Tace M. Steele (2000-01) BA Literature, BS Biology; D.I.S., laboratory technician.
SJB - Stefano J. Bordoli (1998-2001) BS Biology; Fisher/ACS Summer Fellow, D.I.S., Biol Sci Fellow, laboratory technician.
CSB - Colette S. Burger (2003); D.I.S.
MDH - Marshawn D. Hay (2000-04); Work Study, NSF-REU.
EHJ - Eric H. Jones (2002-03); BS Biology; D.I.S., Fisher/American Cancer Society Fellow, NSF-REU.
MSC - Maria S. Conejo (2004-05); BS Biology; lab technician.
KAM - Karen A. Large (McLaughlin) (2004-06); Lab technician and field worker.
ATM - Ashley T. Morganti (2006); BS Biology; D.I.S.
LBR - Lisa B. Ritchey (2006-07); BS Biology; Lab technician, D.I.S.
JAL - Jason A. Lorenzen (2007-08); FSU Biology Major; ACS Fisher Fellow, CM McAllister awardee.
JDD - James D. Davis (2006-08); BS Biology; technician, D.I.S., NSF-REU.
AMW - Amy M. Win (2006-08); B.S. Biology; D.I.S., technician.
NCF - Natalie C. Fredette (2006-08); B.S. Biology; D.I.S., technician, FE Fisher awardee.
REG - Robert E. Gabriel (2005-08); FAMU Buisness Major; Lab technician and field worker.
HSA - Heather S. Applewhite (2008); BS Biology; Field technician.
EGL - Eduardo G. Lastra (2008); BS Biology; D.I.S., ACS Fisher Fellow.
KDB - Kate D. Beckham (2006-09); BS Biology; D.I.S., NSF-REU, FSU URACE Summer Awardee; Honors in the Major.
GDP - Genevieve E. Price (2008-09); BS Biology; D.I.S.
KLP - Kari L. Price (2007-09); BS Biology; Lab and Office Assistant, D.I.S.
AYF - Ayesha F. Hussain (2009); Biology Major; D.I.S., NSF-REU.
TMH - Tabatha M. McHill, BS Biology; D.I.S. (2009); (tmm)
KMM - Katie M. Miller, BS Biology; D.I.S. (Sp-Su 2010); (kmm06e)
DLV - Danny L. Vera BS Biology; D.I.S. (2009-10); (dlv)
DSJ - David St. Jean, Biology Major; Lab, Field tech.; (2005-09); (dsd02d)
MDA - Maries D. Almarales, Biolgoy Major, FWS, Lab Asst; (2010-11) (mda10)
FV - Florencia Velez, high school, lab technician (Summer 2011)
AAC - Tony A. Carmello, BS Biology; DIS (2011) (caa09)
EDP - Elizabeth D. Plumb, Biology Major; DIS (2011) (edp10)
LAT - Lauren A. Terpak, Biology Major, DIS (2011) (lat08c)
ESH - Liz S. Howe, BS Biology; Honors in the Major, WIMSE fellow; Charles M. McAllister Scholarship; John Mark Caffrey Scholarship; Lab Technician (2009-11); (esh07)
ARC - Aislinn R. Cassels-Hyde, Biology Major; FWS Office and Lab Asst.; (2011-12); (arc)
KAE - Katherine A. Easterling (2010-12)
Biochemistry Major, DIS, Field Technician, Volunteer, FSU MRCE Awardee 2011 (kae09)
ORM - Olivia R. Maleki (2010-11)
BS Biology, FWS Office and Field Asst., Lab Tech; (orm09)
JJR - Jasmine J. Reaves (2009-10); BS Biology; FWS, Field and Lab Technician; NSF-REU, DIS (jjr09c)
DIR - David R. Davenport, BS in Biology; (2009-12); DIS, Honors in the Major; Volunteer (drd2268)
ULP - Ulda Louis-Pierre, BS in Biology; (2012-13) FWS Office and Lab Asst., (ul10)
SRJ - Stacey R. Joseph, BS in Biology; (2011-13); Office and Lab Asst. NSF-REU, DIS, FWS (srj)
CEH - Cory E. Hearn, BS in Biology; (2012-2014); BS in Biology; DIS, Volunteer, (ceh07d)
CMH - Cynthia M. Habashy, BS in Biology; (2013-14); DIS, Volnteer, (cmh10n)
RH - Robert Harvey (2014); Biology Major, DIS (rh11f)
SWR - Samantha W. Ridgway (2013-14); BS in Psychology; Lab Tech, DIS, JM Caffrey scholar (swr13b)
AEF - Akram E. Farran (2015); Biology Major, DIS
JMR - Jacob M. Rosenfield (2015-16); Biology Major, DIS
BAF - Bianca A. Fox (2015-16); Biology Major, DIS
MNW - Morgan N. Winn (2015-16); Math Major, DIS
CKN - Christopher K. Nguyen (2016-17); Biology Major, UROP
DMA - Dylan M. Allen B.S. Biology; (2016-17), FWS, Lab Technician
DAL - Diana A. Lacatusu B.S. Biology; (2016-17), FWS, Lab Technician
ALE - Amado L. Estrada B.S. Biology; (2015-17), Lab Technician and Asst. Mgr.
AMJ - Alexis M. Jalovec B.S. Biology; (2017), DIS
BDG - Brianna D. Griffin; B.S. Biology; (2014-17), WIMSE, NSF-URA, 2017 MaGNET Awardee, Research Scholarships (Vaughn-Jordan, Fisher) BDG's HITM Thesis 2017
SDS - Savannah D. Savadel; B.S. Biology; (2014-18), Biology Major, UROP, DIS, NSF-URA, Research Scholarships (CRE-IDEA, McAllister, Caffree) SDS's HITM Thesis 2018
JRA - Jenna R. Aquino B.S. Biology; (2017-18) DIS, Lab Technician
RVA - Renee V. Allison B.S. Exercise Science; (2018) DIS, Bioinformatician
CJH - Chris J. Hagemeyer B.S. Biology; (2016-18), DIS, CJH's HITM Thesis 2018 target="blank">CJH's HITM Thesis 2018
CAB - Charles A. Buerk Biology Major, Molecular biology, DIS, (2017-18)
Lauren G. Lopes, B.S.; DIS and Lab Tecnician, (2017-2018)
KCB - Kristin C. Bussey B.S. Biology; (2017-2019), FWS, DIS, lab technician, Vaughn-Jordan, FE Fisher, JM Caffrey Fellow.
ACK - Andre C. Kartick B.S. Biolog, Volunteer, DIS, (2018-2019)



The Laboratory of Dr. Hank W. Bass
Department of Biological Science
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