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Vincis Laboratory

Department of Biological Science and Program in Neuroscience.



Shakeshaft M., Vincis R. (2020). Bad food memories? It is just a matter of time. Journal of Physiology

Bouaichi C.G., Vincis R. (2020). Cortical processing of chemosensory and hedonic features of taste in active licking mice . Journal of Neurophysiology. PDF

Vincis R., Chen K, Czarnecki L, Chen J and Fontanini, A. (2020). Dynamic representation of taste-related decisions in the gustatory insular cortex of mice . Current Biology. PDF


Vincis R., and Fontanini, A. (2019). Central taste anatomy and physiology. Handbook of Clinical Neurology.

Chen K., Vincis R., and Fontanini, A. (2019). Disruption of cortical dopaminergic modulation impairs preparatory activity and delays licking initiation. Cerebral Cortex. PDF

Before FSU

Gschwend O., Beroud, J., Vincis R. and Carleton A (2016). Dense encoding of natural odorants by ensembles of sparsely activated neurons in the olfactory bulb. Science Report. PDF

Vincis R. and Fontanini A. (2016). A gustocentric perspective to understanding primary sensory cortices. Current Opinion in Neurobiology. PDF

Vincis R. and Fontanini A. (2016). Associative learning changes cross-modal representations in the gustatory cortex. eLife . PDF

*Vincis R., *Lagier S., Van der Ville D., Rodriguez I. and Carleton A. (2015). Sensory-evoked intrinsic imaging signals in the olfactory bulb are independent of neurovascular coupling. Cell Reports. PDF

*Abraham N. M., *Vincis R., Lagier S., Rodriguez I., and Carleton A. (2014). Long term functional plasticity of sensory inputs mediated by olfactory learning. eLife. PDF

Vincis R., Gschwend O., Bhaukaurally K., Beroud J., and Carleton A. (2012). Dense representation of natural odorants in the mouse olfactory bulb. Nature Neuroscience. PDF Commentary: Welberg, L. (2012). "Dense scents of nature." Nat Rev Neurosci. PDF

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