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Masters in STEM Teaching Program

The Office of STEM Teaching Activities is proud to offer a master’s degree in College STEM Teaching through the Masters in STEM Teaching (MST) program. MST is a non-thesis master’s program, designed to extend and deepen the science background of its students through graduate coursework in their STEM disciplinary content areas, as well as provide strong preparation in the pedagogical aspects of STEM teaching and learning, including high-quality, extended teaching internships. The program builds upon a strong partnership between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education to provide the best experiences for students in the content (STEM) and teaching (education) areas, working with local secondary schools and Tallahassee Community College to provide internship experiences for all students.


For more information on the MST program and its College STEM Teaching major, please visit the MST website: https://mst.osta.fsu.edu