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Since 1985, the Office of Science Teaching Activities has offered outreach environmental education opportunities to school children in Florida. The programs seek to meet two goals: to stimulate the interest of young people in exploring the natural world scientifically and to educate Floridians about the coastal marine environment of north Florida and its importance to the economy, culture, and history of this region. These programs meet both of the goals and provide exciting opportunities for young people to explore and learn.

Sea-to-See: An Introduction to Marine Organisms
The Sea-to-See program takes hardy marine animals into elementary-school (second and fourth grades) classrooms for hour-long sessions of guided discovery and exploration.

Saturday-at-the-Sea: An Introduction to Marine Habitats
The Saturday-at-the-Sea program is a one-day field experience for middle-school students that operates on Fridays and Saturdays (despite the name) at the FSU Marine Laboratory near Turkey Point (halfway between Carrabelle and the Ochlockonee River).

Saturday-at-the-Sea Summer Camp: An Introduction to Marine Science
The Saturday-at-the-Sea Summer Camp program for rising ninth- and tenth-grade students is a week of research and exploration in the seagrass beds of north Florida.

Theese programs are components of the FSU Deprtment of Biological Science's
Office of Science Teaching Activities Program (OSTA)