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I am interested in the ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates. My work examines the interactions between ecological processes, natural and sexual selection, and molecular evolution. For example, how does population density influence selection on gamete recognition proteins with cascading effects on reproductive isolation and speciation (Levitan and Ferrell 2006)? I enjoy integrating field and laboratory studies into a theoretical framework. I use a diverse array of tools to answer questions including field experiments on gamete fertilization and reproductive isolation, molecular studies of paternity, hybridization and protein evolution, phylogenetic analysis of trait evolution and theoretical explorations of sexual selection and gamete evolution. Click on the pictures below to see my ongoing projects.


Reproductive isolation, hybridization and speciation
Reproductive isolation, hybridization and speciation

Sperm availability in the sea and the evolution of mating strategies
Sperm availability in the sea and the evolution of mating strategies

Population structure and paternity of clonal invertebrates

Sea urchin population ecology and community structure in the Caribbean

Sea urchin population ecology and community structure in the Caribbean

Field Work

Undergraduates monitoring local environments
Field guide to the species of St. Joe Bay





    People in the Levitan Lab

Postdoctoral Associates

Elke Franke (current position: maternity leave, Germany)

Mike McCartney (current position: Associate Professor, U. of North Carolina, Wilmington)

Linda Walters (current position: Professor, University of Central Florida)

Current Graduate Students

Zachary Boudreau

Ellen Kosman

Kevin Olsen

Jose Moscoso

Former Graduate Students

Maria Adreani (Assistant Professor, Occidental College)

Karalyn Aranow (Ph.D. student, University of California, Davis)

Gregory S. Farley (current position: Associate Professor, Chesapeake College)

David Ferrell (Instructor, Ball State University)

Nicole Fogarty (Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University)

Lisa Hollensead (Ph.D. student, University of North Carolina, Wilmington)

Katie Lotterhos (Assistant Professor, Northeastern University)

Hanna Garland (Scientist, Apalachicola National Estuarine Reserve)

Katherine McGhee (Assistant Professor, Sewanee, University of the South)

Tamara McGovern (current position: Assistant Professor, Limestone College)

Pablo Munguia (Assistant Professor, University of Adelaide)

Andres Plata Stapper (Postdoc Stanford University)

Cheryl Swanson (Scientist, Florida Department of Environmental Protection)

Mollie Taylor (Scientist, Escambia County Water Quality and Land Management)

Casey terHort (Assistant Professor, California State University, Northridge)

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