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2019 Levitan, D.R., R. Buchwalter and Y. Hao.  The Evolution of gametic compatibility and compatibility groups in the sea urchin Mesocentrotus franciscanus: an avenue for speciation in the sea.  Evolution 73:1428-1442 [PDF].

2019 Olsen, K., J. Moscoso and D.R. Levitan.  Somatic mutation is a function of clone size and depth in Orbicella reef-building corals. Biological Bulletin 236:1-12 [PDF].

2018 Betters, M. and D.R. Levitan. The role of compatibility in determining the costs and benefits of polyandry in the broadcast spawning sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Biological Bulletin 235:63-70 [PDF].

2018 Levitan, D.R. Do sperm really compete and do eggs ever have a choice? Adult distribution and gamete mixing influence sexual selection, sexual conflict and the evolution of gamete recognition proteins in the sea.  American Naturalist 191: 88-105 [PDF].

2017 Kosman, E.T., B. Hipp and D.R. Levitan.  Chemoattractant-mediated preference of non-self eggs in Ciona robustas sperm. Biological Bulletin 233:183-189 [PDF].

2017 Burgess, S.C., W H. Ryan, N.W. Blackstone, P.J Edmunds, M. O. Hoogenboom, D.R. Levitan, J.L Wulff.  Metabolic scaling in modular animals.  Invertebrate Biology 136:456-472, DOI: 10.1111/ivb.12199 [PDF].

2016  Prada, C., B. Hanna, A.F. Budd, C.M. Woodley, J. Schmutz, J. Grimwood, R. Iglesia-Prieto, J.M. Pandolfi, D. R. Levitan, K.G. Johnson, N. Knowlton, H. Kitano, M. DeGregorio and M. Medina. Empty niches after extinctions increase population size of modern corals.  Current Biology 26:1-5 [PDF].

2016 Campbell, A.L., D.R. Levitan, D.J. Hosken and C. Lewis. Ocean acidification changes the male fitness landscape. Scientific Reports 6:31250 [PDF].

2015  Stapper, A.P., P. Beerli and D.R. Levitan. Assortative mating drives linkage-disequilibrium between sperm and egg recognition proteins in the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Advanced access msv010v2 [PDF].

2014  Levitan, D.R., W. Boudreau, J. Jara and N. Knowlton. Long-term reproductive consequences of bleaching stress on the Caribbean corals of the Orbicella (formerly Montastraea) annularis species complex. Marine Ecology Progress Series 515:1-10 [PDF].

2014  Kosman, E.T. and D.R. Levitan. Sperm competition and the evolution of gametic compatibility in externally fertilizing taxa. Molecular Human Reproduction doi:1093/molehr/gau069 [PDF].

2014  Edmunds, P.J., X. Ponchon, D.R. Levitan, D.M. Yost, M. Belcaid, H. M. Putnam, R.D. Gates. Long-term changes in Symbiodinium communities in Orbicella annularis in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Marine Ecology Progress Series 506:129-144 [PDF].

2014  Levitan, D.R., P.J. Edmunds, K.E. Levitan. What makes a species common? No evidence of density-dependent recruitment or mortality of the sea urchin Diadema antillarum after the 1983–84 mass mortality. Oecologia 175:117-128 [PDF].

2013  Lessios, H.A., H.A. Lasker and D.R. Levitan. The use of SCUBA to study the early life history of marine invertebrates. In Research and Discoveries: The Revolution of Science through Scuba, Smithsonian Contributions to Marine Sciences 39: 87-97 [PDF].

2012  Fogarty, N.D., M. Lowenberg, M.N. Ojima, N. Knowlton and D.R. Levitan. Asymmetric conspecific sperm precedence in relation to spawning times in the Montastraea annularis species complex (Cnidaria: Scleractinia). Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25:2481-2488 [PDF].

2012  Levitan, D. R. Contemporary evolution of sea urchin gamete-recognition proteins: experimental evidence of density-dependent gamete performance predicts shifts in allele frequencies over time. Evolution 66:1722-1736 [PDF].

2012  Fogarty, N. D.; S. V. Vollmer, and D. R. Levitan. Weak prezygotic isolating mechanisms in threatened caribbean Acropora corals. PLoS One 7:e30486 [PDF].

2011  Levitan, D. R., N. D. Fogarty, J. Jara, K. E. Lotterhos, and N. Knowlton. Genetic, spatial, and temporal components of precise spawning synchrony in reef building corals of the Montastraea annularis species complex. Evolution 65:1254-1270 [PDF].

2011  Simon, T. N., and D. R. Levitan. Measuring fertilization success of broadcast-spawning marine invertebrates within seagrass meadows. Biological Bulletin 220:32-38 [PDF].

2010  Reuter, K. E., and D. R. Levitan. Influence of sperm and phytoplankton on spawning in the echinoid Lytechinus variegatus. Biological Bulletin 219:198-206 [PDF].

2010  terHorst, C. P., T. E. Miller, and D. R. Levitan. Evolution of prey in ecological time reduces the effect size of predators in experimental microcosms. Ecology 91:629-636 [PDF].

2010  Tomaiuolo, M., and D. R. Levitan. Modeling how reproductive ecology can drive protein diversification and result in linkage-disequilibrium between sperm and egg proteins. American Naturalist 176:12-25 [PDF].

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2007  Tomaiuolo, M., T. F. Hansen, and D. R. Levitan. A theoretical investigation of sympatric evolution of temporal reproductive isolation as illustrated by marine broadcast spawners. Evolution 612584-2595 [PDF]

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2006  Levitan, D. R., and D. L. Ferrell. Selection on gamete recognition proteins depends on sex, density and genotype frequency. Science 312:267-269 [PDF] [On-line Supplement PDF].

2006  Levitan, D. R. Relationship between egg size and fertilization success in broadcast spawning marine invertebrates. Integrative and Comparative Biology 46:298-311 [PDF].

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2004  McCartney, M. A., K. Brayer, and D. R. Levitan. Polymorphic microsatellite lo ci from the red urchin, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, with comments on heterozyogote deficit. Molecular Ecology Notes 4: 226-228 [PDF].

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2004  Fukami, H., A. F. Budd, D. R. Levitan, J. Jara, R. Kersanach, and N. Knowlton. Geographical differences in species boundaries among members of the Montastraea annularis complex based on molecular and morphological markers. Evolution 58:324-337 [PDF].

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