department/unit name here Darin R. Rokyta, PhD
Assistant Professor
Lab: 4070 King Life Sciences
Office: 4058 King Life Sciences
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phone number Lab: (850) 645-8817
phone number Office: (850) 645-8812
Available Positions in the Rokyta Lab

Graduate Students

We currently have space for graduate students. We are particularly interested in students with molecular backgrounds who are interested in studying snake venom protein evolution. Prospective students should look over our research page and publications to assess potential fit to the lab, and then look over the graduate admissions requirements at FSU. Those still interested should contact Dr. Rokyta for more information.


We currently have a postdoctoral position available for our NIH-funded project entitled "Pleiotropy, Epistasis, and the Biophysical Adaptation of ssDNA Bacteriophages." The successful candidate will use an array of laboratory experimental-evolution protocols designed to select for particular biophysical properties of viral capsids. Identified beneficial mutations will be used to study the relationships between these properties and growth rate and to measure epistatic interactions between mutations at the phenotypic and fitness levels. Empirical work will be mirrored by theoretical and computational, molecular-dynamics-based studies in collaboration with Wei Yang in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University. Those interested in postdoctoral research in the Rokyta lab should contact Dr. Rokyta for more information.


Space for undergraduates is highly fluid. We try always to have at least a couple of undergraduates working in the lab and will consider directed independent study (DIS) students. These positions are limited and therefore competitive, so give some thought as to why you are interested in our lab before contacting Dr. Rokyta about availability.