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After a day of chasing turtles in Rainbow Springs, Florida. L to R: Hannah Ralicki (undergraduate), Alan Lemmon (FSU Scientific Computing), Emily Lemmon (PI), and Alisha Rossi (graduate student, Alan Lemmon's Lab)
Holding the day's turtle trap catch. L to R: Moses Michelsohn (graduate student), Mallory Bedwell (former lab manager), Alexa Warwick and Lisa Barrow (graduate students)

Emily Moriarty Lemmon, PI

Emily with a Crotaphytus insularis on a field trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern California.



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John Malone, Postdoctoral Researcher

John works on evolutionary genetics and genomics and studies the molecular mechanisms that create and define different species.

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Lisa Barrow, Ph.D. Student

Lisa is interested in understanding patterns of population divergence and gene flow across multiple species. She is currently studying some of the common frog species on the Florida Gulf Coast barrier islands.

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Moses Michelsohn, Masters Student

Moses' research focuses on rates of gene flow in frog populations along and spanning a major phylogeographic barrier, the Apalachicola River. He is also interested in patterns of postzygotic isolation in frogs.

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Alexa Warwick, Ph.D. Student

Alexa's research focuses on the conservation biology of the Pine Barrens treefrog (Hyla andersonii), including population genetic, morphometric, and behavioral data.

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Sandy Emme, Lab Manager

Sandy spends her days in the lab, overseeing its smooth operation, optimizing protocols, generating genomic data, searching for errant tissue samples, and worrying about her teenagers. After hours, she worries about her teenagers and wonders where to go for her next travel getaway.

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Hannah Ralicki,
Undergraduate Researcher

Hannah is developing dozens of nuclear loci for frog phylogenetics and phylogeography. She is currently conducting a large multi-gene phylogenetic study of chorus frogs. Here she is shown in her gear after a day of snorkeling for turtles in Florida's Rainbow Run.


Miguel Mejias,
Undergraduate Researcher

Miguel is studying a hybrid zone among four chorus frog species at the boundaries of Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. He is using mitochondrial markers to gain insight into the degree of sympatry or parapatry of these lineages.


Hannah Milthorpe,
Undergraduate Volunteer

Hannah is new to the lab and will be volunteering for the fall semester with lab projects. She will also be helping to maintain the lab's chorus frog colony.

Santiago Ron Pontifical Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito
Marcos Gridi-Papp UCLA
Thomas Juenger University of Texas, Austin
Joseph T. Collins Center for North American Herpetology
Alan Lemmon
Florida State University
Erica Rosenblum University of Idaho
Anna Liner Farmer Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Lora Smith
Jones Ecological Center, Ichauway, Davis

Chris Funk
Colorado State University

Kim Hoke

Colorado State University
JJ Apodaca
Florida State University
Melanie Murphy University of Wyoming
Darin Rokyta Florida State University
Chris Phillips Illinois Natural History Survey
Bruce Means Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy
Rick Releya University of Pittsburg