English Grammar for Scientific Writers

This seven-week summer workshop is entirely informal, free of charge, and open to anyone. No registration is required. Its home page is now on Blackboard, under "Organizations." If you are affiliated with Florida State University, you can enroll yourself to gain access to the site (instructions below, no obligation to attend the workshop). If not, please call or e-mail me, so that I can arrange guest access.

The summer 2012 workshop will begin in the first week of July (probably at the FSU College of Medicine), day and time to be arranged. If you would like to participate, please let me know the times when you could not attend.

The weekly sessions are semi-independent; that is, you need not attend every earlier session to benefit from the later ones (although the material covered in "Whirlwind Basics" and "Commas" helps a lot). If you attend, please download the handouts and bring them with you, either on paper or electronically. I will not provide photocopies.

Although sessions are scheduled for two hours, if all goes smoothly, they often end early. Participants may leave at that time, or the extra time can be used for questions from previous sessions, extra practice in analyzing sentences, or editing clinics. If you're having trouble with a passage, have questions about it, or just want to see what changes an editor would recommend, bring it along (in electronic form) or e-mail it to me ahead of time. As time permits, I'll edit it before your eyes on the big screen, explaining my changes as I go.

The seven sessions are

The material covered in this workshop is essentially identical to that covered in weeks 5-9 of BSC 5936 Scientific Communication.

Supplementary handouts (these topics are not specifically addressed during the workshop but have been requested by past participants)
A and An
Alleviate and rescue
Alleviate and ameliorate
Using articles with organism names
When to use "of" with "both"
Capitalizing organism names
"Subject to" and "subjected to"
Who and whom

To enroll yourself in the workshop's blackboard site, log into Blackboard and click the "Organizations" tab at the top (just below the search box). Search on the word "grammar." When the workshop's entry appears, click the tiny down-arrow just to the right of its "organization ID," then click "enroll." The workshop's site should then appear on your Blackboard page, under "my organizations."

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