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Research in Cell and Molecular Biology affords students access to a rich diversity of research comprising major areas of modern biology. More...

The Cell and Molecular Biology Program is tailored to the individual needs and interests of students. More...

BioNotes, a weekly listing of events. More...

The Cell and Molecular Biology graduate program within the Department of Biological Science offers an exceptional variety of opportunities for students seeking to work in cellular and molecular biology. We use a wide range of organisms and technologies to investigate basic biological processes. Fundamental research in the areas of cell structure, motility, and development are complemented by other areas of research such as those focusing on the genetic control of cellular behavior, the regulation of gene expression, the dynamic maintenance of genetic information, and the physiology of organisms.

Cell and Molecular Biology faculty, postdocs, and students work together to discover and publish major findings in the broad-reaching and high-impact fields that comprise modern cellular and molecular biology. First year graduate rotations allow students to explore and choose a major professor from among the faculty in the Cell and Molecular Biology program who are currently taking new students. Additional opportunities to work with other faculty within the department and across the university are available.

The web pages here provide further information about research opportunities for current and prospective graduate students, the makeup and interests of our faculty and department, and the university and surrounding area. Prospective Graduate Student Information Request More Information


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