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Scott Steppan Home Page

I am an evolutionary biologist at Florida State University.  I host two web sites reflecting my academic and creative pursuits, with links to them below.  This site is undergoing renovations here in 2020, check back for more information.


Research and Teaching at FSU

Click on these links to go to my academic pages and sites.
Steppan Lab
My Faculty Page
Dept. of Biological Science

Information about the banner: The topographic map at the top of the page highlights a special place, the Evolution Region of the High Sierra in Kings Canyon National Park, CA.   The place names all honor important evolutionary biologists (so of course the map caught my attention when searching for backpack trips). These include Darwin, Wallace, and Huxley. But is is also one of the most beautiful and mysterious regions in California, resembling a wind-swept sea of glaciated granite, dotted with brilliant blue lakes and fragile patches of alpine meadows. And for geographers and topgographers, this is the well known "Brown map" (the Mt. Goddard 15' Quadrangle: USGS), so called because there are so many overlapping elevation lines because of the the rugged landscape that more than any such map in the US, the whole map looks brown. Check it out on Topoquest.

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