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Digital Journal (modified from PRweb story):

Weather Underground (same story as Live Science):

Salon: (modified from Mother Jones)

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Scientific American:


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The Atlantic Monthly:

The Atlantic Monthly:




Education and Outreach:

Teaching Fellows:

This project has so far hosted three K-12 teachers who have carried out independent research, assisted with our ongoing research, and worked with other RMBL scientists and the RMBL Kid's Nature and Science camps' staff. These teachers have taken what they learned from working with our project back to their classrooms.

  • Cindy Jatul, Biotechnology and Biology teacher, Roosevelt High School, Seattle, WA
  • Sky Feller, Elementary STEM teacher, Cornerstone Learning Community, Tallahassee FL
  • Elizabeth Fravel, First Grade teacher, Cornerstone Learning Community, Tallahassee FL

Use of our data in classrooms:





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