Prospective graduate students

Working with graduate students has been one of the greatest joys of my professional life.  My Ph.D. students have taught me so much about science and about myself and I hope to remain close to them forever.  However, at this time I am NOT TAKING ANY APPLICATIONS FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS FOR MY LAB.   If you have any questions about the program or FSU or want me to be involved in your graduate program in other ways, please feel free to contact me      ( You can also find more information about the Ecology and Evolution program at Florida State University at Ecology and Evolution at FSU. For application information, contact the Department of Biological Science.

Undergraduate research

There are a variety of different opportunities for undergraduates in my lab.

Volunteer! -- wait, FSU doesn't allow volunteers anymore in research labs.  I find this frustrating and annoying and stupid and unreasonable.  If you do too, complain to the Dean of Arts and Sciences.  Most of the faculty in ecology and evolution at FSU were attracted to research and academics through volunteer opportunities as undergraduates.  

DIS (Directed Independent Study) -- I generally have 2-6 DIS students per year work in my lab. Their projects may be self-generated based on their own interests or may be developed in consultation with me. DIS courses must be approved by the departmen.   Students must meet strict guidelines and apply long before the semester starts. As part of the DIS, students will be expected to write a short proposal, conduct research, analyze and organize the results, and write a final report in scientific form. Two-semester DIS projects are common.  Guidelines for the research proposal can be found here.

UROP @ FSU -- Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program provides "high-achieving students an engaging community with the flexibility and funding opportunities to explore their full range of interests." This program is oriented towards first and second year students and can help to connect interested students with available labs and faculty mentors.  Check it out.