Lory interpolates the local expansions and contractions of one shape relative to another unders several different models, then produces several visualizations of those changes, including, wire frames, parrot plots, and movies.

  • Supported by NSF grant DEB 0950002
Wings and CPR

Wings fits B-splines to Drosophila wings. The user supplies two landmark points, and the software does the rest. It essentially reduces this image to an "instant wing" summed up in only 54 coordinate pairs. CPR reads and does basic analyses and visualizations of the resulting information.

  • Supported by NSF grants DEB 019129, 0950002, NSERC and by the National Institutes of Health Grant U54 RR021813
Statistical Programs
MVE: Minimum volume ellipsoid outlier detection This JAVA program implements the MVE outlier detection algorithm (Rousseeuw and van Zomeren 1990. J. Am. Stat. Assoc. 85, 633-639 and refs. therein) that we use on our large wing data sets. Cite this as: Kim van der Linde (2004) MVE: Minimum Volume Ellipsoid estimation for robust outlier detection in multivariate space, Java version.
RMA: Reduced Major Axis Regression This JAVA program implements reduced major axis regression, that is regression where both variables are measured with error. Cite as Andrew J. Bohonak & Kim van der Linde (2004) RMA: Software for Reduced Major Axis regression, Java version.
Third Party Software
TPS software TPSDig and TPSRegr gather and manipulate geometric morphometric data. These excellent programs are written by F. James Rohlf, SUNY Stony Brook. Distributed without charge. This web site also lists many other useful morphometric programs.