May, 2017.   Jenn Valvo is in Trinidad with Helen Rodd and crew. Good luck, Jenn!

April, 2017.   Ivonne Mendieta defends her thesis. Congratulations Ivonne!

April, 2017.   Liz Lange had a great month! She was awarded a PEO Scholar Award, an American Society of Naturalists Student Research Award, an FSU Fellows Society Dissertation Fellowship, and an Ermine M. Owenby Travel Award from the FSU College of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations Liz!

April, 2017.   Our collaborative grant with Bonnie Fraser, Ecological Genomics of Adaptive Polymorphism, was awarded by NSF. For the next four years, we'll be working with Bonnie, Helen Rodd, and David Houle on selection on and population genomics of male color polymorphism in guppies.

Aug, 2016.   Brittany's paper "Genetic color morphs in the eastern mosquitofish experience different social environments in the wild and lab" accepted for publication.

Jan, 2017.   Zach Culumber joined the lab this month as a postdoctoral scholar. Zach will be working on indirect genetic effects and the maintenance of genetic polymorphism in Gambusia holbrooki.

Aug, 2016.   Life history genomics review paper "Pleiotropy, constraint and modularity in the evolution of life histories: insights from genomic analyses" accepted for publication.

May, 2016.   Brittany successfully defends her Ph.D.!

May, 2016.   Katie Kyle defends her Honors Thesis!

May, 2016.   Exploratory behavior paper published "Environmental and genetic effects on exploratory behavior of high- and low-predation guppies (Poecilia reticulata)"

Apr, 2016.   CRC Grant awarded for Liz's project "Social regulation of alternative life histories in mollies".

Jan, 2016.   Kim begins term as President of Society for the Study of Evolution.

May, 2015.   Yingxue completes her Ph.D. and begins a postdoc at Mayo Clinic.

May, 2015.   Jenn Valvo wins Rosemary Grant Award!

Sept, 2014.   Robin Graber's paper "Mate Preference for Novel Phenotypes: A Fresh Face Matters" is published in Ethology!

Aug, 2014.   Yingxue Ren wins Presenters award at the Cold Spring Harbor Conference on Epigenetics.

June, 2014.   Yingxue Ren publishes her paper, "Vitellogenin family gene expression does not increase Drosophila lifespan or fecundity" in F1000Research!

May, 2014.   Ilana Janowitz completes her Ph.D. and begins a postdoc at Princeton.

Feb, 2014.   Bonnie Fraser's paper "Phenotypic and genomic plasticity of alternative male reproductive tactics in sailfin mollies" is published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, B.