The DuVal Lab - Field Crews

Field Assistant Hall of Fame

Much of my research builds on my long-term field studies of Lance-tailed Manakins in Panama. Many field assistants have volunteered for this project, and the quality of the research depends in large part on their hard work. I'm extremely grateful for their dedication and contributions.

If you're interested in being on a future field crew, check out the opportunities page for more information. If you're a past field assistant and want to update your information below, just drop me an email!


Past Field assistants:

  • Katharina Manno, 2000
  • Mark Westbrock, 2000; went on to graduate work at Wake Forest University
  • Katie Janaes, 2001
  • Erik Reeder, 2001
  • Paula White, November-December 2001
  • Rebecca Carter, 2002; earned her doctorate at UC Berkeley in 2009
  • Ryan Lorenz, 2002
  • Julie Lorion, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005; earned her MA in public health at Oregon State University in 2009 - congrats Julie!
  • Steve Babaris, 2005; now an environmental consultant
  • Anne Bjorkmann, 2005; completed an M.A. at U. of British Columbia
  • Maude Baldwin, 2006; now a graduate student at Harvard University
  • Courtney Endres, 2006; now a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Trevor Joyce, 2006; now doing fieldwork on Kauai
  • Todd Thompson, 2006 (La Peregueta); doctorate in neuroscience at MIT in 2014
  • Eric Newkirk, 2007
  • Jennifer Reidy, 2007
  • Allison Byrd, 2008; completed an the University of Maine
  • Julissa Cabrera, 2008
  • Amy Narducci, 2008
  • Samantha "Survivor" Lantz, 2009 & 2010; now a PhD student at Tulane University
  • Jeff Garcia, 2009
  • Chris Malachowski, 2009; now a graduate student at Oregon State University
  • (also in 2009, special guests Maria Wieselmann and Julian Kapoor)
  • Blake Jones, 2010; now a graduate student in the Schoech lab of the Univ. of Memphis
  • Megan Jones, 2010; now working on her PhD project at FSU with white-ruffed manakins.
  • Becky Schneider, 2010; went on to study Gulf Coast sparrows and in migratory birds in Jamaica.
  • Adam Carter, 2011; interning at Hawk Mountain, PA
  • Elliot Schunke, 2011, 2013, 2015; chasing nuthatches at Tall Timbers Research Station and other birds everywhere else
  • Carla Vanderbilt, 2011; enrolled in FSU's PhD program in Fall 2011
  • Claire Guiliano, 2012
  • Samantha Goss, 2012
  • Justin Houck, 2012, currently making a name for homself in the world of pro running
  • Liz Bergen, 2013, currently a Ph.D. student at Cornell University
  • Teri Jones, 2013, currently a grad student at University of Ottawa
  • Abigail Barenblitt, 2014, currently a Master's student at U Penn
  • Philip Kavouriaris, 2014
  • Bradley Wilkinson, 2014
  • Michael Novak, 2015, now taking some time to travel
  • Pearl Rivers, 2015, currently working as a technician in Hawaii
  • Neha Savant, 2015, currently interning with the Rainforest Alliance