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  • The Maize-10-Maze Photo Album

    Associated with the Cytogenetic Map of Maize project.
    Hank W. Bass, Dept. Biological Science, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 32306-4370

    These mutants are being used as public educutation resources to illustrate genetic control of plant growth and development, and to develop classroom curricula relating to plant genome research. A public field display is planned for the summers of 2006 and 2007 in Quincy, FL, near Tallahassee.
    Mapping and outreach funded by the NSF Plant Genome Research Program [NSF-PGRP].

    Plant and Ear images are organized in this gallery by genetic bin.
    Maize stocks with multiple mutant alleles may have photos replicated in more than one bin. Not every picture displays the mutant phenotype of any/all the mutations listed in the file name. For instance, a picture of a family carrying the sweet corn mutation brittle endosperm2 (bt2) may show a plant even though the mutant phenotype is expressed in the seed and seen on a shucked ear.

    Note on the source of maize mutants used in these projects:
    The mutants used for this project were selected from a large list of mutants that were originally isolated by geneticists, breeders, and farmers over the last 80 years. Many of these are 'classic' genetic mutants, having been studied for years to learn about the basic principles and mechanisms of genetics and heredity. The mutant stocks are distributed to scientists and breeders through the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center Catalog. Almost all of the maize stocks were obtained by HWB for the Maize-10-Maze project from the maize stock center in winter of 2003/04.
    Chr01 * (318 Slides) Chr02 * (241 Slides) Chr03 * (192 Slides) Chr04 * (185 Slides)
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    (185 Slides)
    Chr05 * (72 Slides) Chr06 * (131 Slides) Chr07 * (178 Slides) Chr08 * (62 Slides)
    (72 Slides)
    (131 Slides)
    (178 Slides)
    (62 Slides)
    Chr09 * (164 Slides) Chr10 * (276 Slides)
    Og1 * 173 x 231 * (25KB)
    (164 Slides)
    (276 Slides)
    Field Pics - Karen Graffius-Ashcraft, mostly Mission Rd Field, 2004.
    Ear Pics - Maria Conejo, Mission Rd. 2004 ears.
    Copyright HW Bass, FSU Biological Science Dept
    An educational outreach project of the NSF Plant Genome Research Program.

    KEY for field picture names (for example file name 1652_Hs1_701F_2966 )
    1652 = HWB family number, from the field
    Hs1 = Mutant name Hs1, for the Hairy Sheath1 mutant
    701F= The maize seed stock center number, 701F
    1652 = Camera picture number.
    Note: Ear picture file names start with the family number and cross.

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