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Topic and readings
Sept. 2
Kim Hughes
Bass et al. 2008. Evolutionary origins for social vocalization in a vertebrate hindbrain-spinal compartment. Science 321: 417-421
Sept. 9
Mike Meredith

Pheromones; Reading: Chamero P, Marton TF, Logan DW, Flanagan K, Cruz JR, Saghatelian A, Cravatt BF, Stowers L. Identification of protein pheromones that promote aggressive behaviour. Nature. 2007 Dec 6;450(7171):899-902

Sept. 16
Frank Johnson
Maye et al. 2007. Order in spontaneous behavior. PLoS ONE 2(5):e443
Sept. 23
Lisa Lyons
Circadian rhythms
Sept. 30
Katie McGhee

The importance of behavioral phenotypes (personality) in studies of  natural and sexual selection

Bell. 2007. Future directions in behavioural syndromes research. Proc. R. Soc. B 274: 755-761.

Oct. 17
Caroline Stahala

Past research and future directions for studies of Bahama Parrot behavioral ecology.

Background reading: Brightsmith, D.J. 2005. Competition, predation, and nest niche shifts among tropical cavity nesters: phylogeny and natural history evolution of parrots (Psittaciformes) and trogons (Trogoniformes). J of Avian Biol. 36:64-73.

Oct. 14
Fiona Smith

Influence of maternal care/behavior on epigenetic programming

Background reading: Szyf et al. 2007. Maternal care, the epigenome and phenotypic differences in behavior. Reproductive Toxicology 24: 9-19.

Oct. 21
Denise Everhart
Bond, A. 2007. The evolution of color polymorphism: crypticity, searching images, and apostatic selection. ARES 38:489-514
Oct. 28
Ilana Janowitz
Rodd et al. 2001 A possible non-sexual origin of mate preference: are male guppies mimicking fruit? PRSLB DOI 10.1098/rspb.2001.1891
Nov. 4
John Fort
Revonsuo A. (2000) The reinterpretation of dreams: an evolutionary hypothesis of the function of dreaming. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23, 793-1121.
Nov. 11
Nov. 18
Bill Herrnkind

Collective defense by spiny lobsters: is it cooperation evolved?

Background reading: Herrnkind et al. 2001. Cooperative defence and other benefits among exposed spiny lobsters: inferrences from group size and behaviour. Mar. Freshwater Res., 52, 1113–24.

Nov. 25
Zuoxin Wong & lab
to be announced
Dec. 2
Katie Lotterhos
to be announced