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a.k.a. Behavior Lunch

An interdepartmental forum at Florida State University for readings, presentations, and discussions by faculty and graduate students broadly interested in animal behavior.  All are welcome, and graduate students are encouraged to enroll for course credit.

BSC 5932-42 INTEGRAT REV ABEH (1 credit S/U)

Weekly meetings
12:15-1:15 p.m. Tuesdays
Room KIN 4077

Faculty co-sponsors in Fall 2008: 
Emily DuVal* – Biological Science, Ecology & Evolution
Kim Hughes* – Biological Science, Integrating Genotype and Phenotype (IGP) cluster
Frank Johnson – Psychology, Neuroscience & Development
Lisa Lyons – Biological Science, Neuroscience

Graduate student sponsor in Fall 2008 : 
Katie McGhee, Biological Science, Ecology & Evolution

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