Nora Underwood
Department of Biological Science
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1100

Office: 4008 King Life Sciences Building
Telephone: 850-644-4167
email: nunderwood@bio.fsu.edu

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Members of my lab work on the ecology and evolution of plants and insects. We work on a variety of different topics, but share a general enthusiasm for understanding how the traits of these organisms influence their individual interactions, and how those interactions in turn influence patterns at the scales of populations and communities. We study such things as the evolution of plant defense and growth strategies, herbivore movement, density dependence and population dynamics, and how plant and herbivore communities are influenced by each other. Our main focus is on understanding basic natural processes, but we also all share an interest in how our research relates to conservation and the management of natural and agricultural systems.

Working with us as a graduate or undergraduate student

Lab news:

Abbey's poster wins audience choice award at FSU undergrad symposium

Jessie Mutz joins the lab as our newest grad student

Josh off to postdoc at CU Boulder

Josh's new paper gets lots of press here and here and here

Dr. Jane Ogilvie joins the lab for postdoc work on phenology

Kaitlin Griffith lands internship at Archbold Biological Station

Josh successfully defends dissertation!

Andrew's first paper is out in Ecological Entomology: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/een.12111/abstract

Tania's paper accepted by Ecology

Amanda's paper accepted by Oecologia

Amanda gets a postdoc at U. of Maryland

Josh wins grad student publication award

Tania and Brian get postdoc positions at Madison

Tania and Brian successfully defend their dissertations!

Amanda successfully defends her dissertation!

David's paper accepted to Oecologia

Alyssa Hakes to be faculty at Lawrence Univeristy

Josh Grinath receives STAR fellowship

David McNutt receives NSF DDIG

Tania Kim receives NSF DDIG

Josh Grinath's paper accepted to Journal of Animal Ecology

Amanda Buchanan receives FLEPPC grant


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FSU Department of Biological Science

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