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Research Requirement

BSC 4900-08

Frequency: Any semester as negotiated with faculty member

Prerequisites: Must be a Computational Biology (CB) Declared Major with a minimum 2.8 GPA, at least one semester of the CB seminar course (BSC 4931-02). Individual faculty may impose additional requirements.

The Practicum in CB entails a research practicum project to be completed under the guidance of a faculty committee. This committee will be comprised of your major Professor, a member of the CB Executive Committee (CBEC), and at least one other Professor of your choice. At least one committee faculty member must qualify to the CBEC as a Computational Biologist. During the time that you are working on your project—normally two to three semesters —you will register for 6-9 hours of 4000-level Practicum credit, and upon completion of your work you'll seek final approval from your committee through a written and oral defense.

The student is responsible to:
  • Register for 6-9 semester hours of 4000-level Practicum in CB credit (3 credits per semester).
  • Assemble a committee of (typically tenure-track) faculty members.
  • Maintain a weekly web-based progress report of research activities.
  • Complete a written document based on your research.
  • Defend your practicum orally before your committee.
The Advisor of the student will be responsible to:
  • Advise students with their research, but also with course electives in their track and career paths
  • Advise students on setting up committees
  • Read and discuss weekly progress reports with student
The Committee of the student will be responsible to:
  • Meet at least once early in the project to advise
  • Read written and attend oral practicum defense.
The CBEC Program will be responsible for:
  • Advise students on setting up committees
  • Attend oral defenses
  • Track proposal submission
  • Track practicum submission