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Instructor : Dr. Alice A. Winn
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Office : 201 Conradi

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Text: A package of course materials in the form of a handbook is available from Target Copy. This material is required. A second required text entitled "Writing papers in the biological sciences" by V. E. McMillan is available from the bookstore.
Course Info: This course is designed to give students first-hand experience in conducting biological research. We will give you guidance on how a research question is addressed and will specify the general subject in which you are to conduct research. Then you must design and carry out an independent research project.

The research area is Pollination Biology. This is a very broad topic and your research can be conducted on a wide range of topics and in a variety of locations. The only requirement is that the research be on some aspect of pollination biology. Please note that the research system itself is not the focus of the course: rather we want to expose you to the complete picture of how research is conceived, designed, and conducted. We expect that considerably more time will be spent searching and reading the literature, planning your experiment, and writing up your results than is spent on the actual experiment.