Anne B. Thistle

Scientific Research Specialist
Scientific Editor

Curriculum vitae

I retired from the FSU Department of Biological Science in 2012

This page is therefore no longer updated. You can still contact me at, and the "curriculum vitae" link will continue to lead to my current vita. For editorial services, please visit my freelance home page, at http://dthistle.html.

Department of Biological Science
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4295

(850) 644-5131 (voice)
(850) 645-8447 (fax)

I act as the department's editor; teach scientific writing formally to graduate students (BSC 5936 Scientific Communication) and informally to all comers (English Grammar for Scientific Writers); compile and distribute BioNotes, a weekly listing of seminars and colloquia of interest to biologists; maintain a database of faculty research publications; help the faculty with presentation of their research to the lay public; and serve as chair of the editorial board of BioFeedback, the department's annual newsletter for alumni.

My routine editorial work has involved hundreds of research papers (destined for scientific journals, multiauthor volumes, or popular publications) written by the members of the Department of Biological Science, together with research proposals, course materials, professional vitae, and correspondence—anything the faculty and staff submitted for editorial review. In addition, I have edited and indexed many book-length projects.

As a service to the university community, I maintain a small site entitled The Florida State University Method for Obtaining "NRC-style" Publication and Citation Counts that explains how to count scientific publications and literature citations according to the methods used by the National Research Council in compilation of its 1995 report Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change.

I'm also the author of Hit the Kitchen Running (When You Have No Time to Plan), a book of preplanned menus, complete with recipes, shopping lists, and game plans, for people who like to cook but get home too tired to think!

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