2024 Thistle Vacation Diaries

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SPRING: Prague to Berlin with Viking, then touring with colleagues

The postcard versions are the short accounts I emailed home each day to a group of friends. They download as Word files, which must then be opened.

As I finish writing up the full version for each day, I'll post it, and you'll see the date "light up" and become clickable.

Prague to Berlin with Viking, then touring with colleagues

Planning ahead
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 7 May, Tallahassee to Prague
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 8 May, The rest of the way to Prague
(Postcard version) Thursday, 9 May, Prague, Food
(Postcard version) Friday, 10 May, Prague, Much more Mucha and Operation Anthropoid
(Postcard version) Saturday, 11 May, Prague, panoramic tour, the Charles Bridge, the castle, folkloric dinner
(Postcard version) Sunday, 12 May, Jewish Prague, Děčín (Czech Republic), Bad Schandau (Germany)
(Postcard version) Monday, 13 May, Bad Schandau, the Bastei, and a concert at the Zwinger in Dresden
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 14 May, Dresden
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 15 May, Meissen
(Postcard version) Thursday, 16 May, Wittenberg
(Postcard version) Friday, 17 May, Berlin
(Postcard version) Saturday, 18 May, Berlin
(Postcard version) Sunday, 19 May, Berlin, our colleagues appear on the scene
(Postcard version) Monday, 20 May,
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 21 May,
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 22 May,
(Postcard version) Thursday, 23 May,
(Postcard version) Friday, 24 May,
(Postcard version) Saturday, 25 May,
(Postcard version) Sunday, 26 May,
(Postcard version) Monday, 27 May,
Tuesday, 28 May, Berlin to Tallahassee