2023 Thistle Vacation Diaries

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SPRING: Holland and Belgium with Viking

FALL: Paris on our own, then Italy with Tauck

Holland and Belgium with Viking

Overview, with maps
(Postcard version) Saturday, 25 March, Tallahassee to Amsterdam (and we're off!)
(Postcard version) Sunday, 26 March, The rest of the way to Amsterdam and embarkation
(Postcard version) Monday, 27 March, Amsterdam: canal cruise and tulip gardens!
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 28 March, Hoorn: walking tour, performance, and bulb growers
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 29 March, Rotterdam: Dordrecht and greenhouses
(Postcard version) Thursday, 30 March, Kinderdijk: déjà vu, but not from a barge
(Postcard version) Friday, 31 March, Wesel: history, all the way back to the Romans
(Postcard version) Saturday, 1 April Nijmegen: World War II
(Postcard version) Sunday, 2 April, Maastricht: streets, squares, and Charlemagne
(Postcard version) Monday, 3 April, Antwerp: flavors
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 4 April, Antwerp to Amsterdam: changing boats in midstream
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 5 April, Amsterdam: its golden age
(Postcard version) Thursday, 6 April, Hoorn: tulips and windmills
(Postcard version) Friday, 7 April, Arnhem: warfare and art
(Postcard version) Saturday, 8 April, Kinderdijk: déjà vu all over again
(Postcard version) Sunday, 9 April, Antwerp: walking and eating
(Postcard version) Monday, 10 April, Ghent: Bruges and old haunts
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 11 April, Zeeland: water and engineering
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 12 April, Amsterdam: historic Haarlem
Thursday, 13 April, Amsterdam: disembarkation and home to Tallahassee

Paris on our own, then Italy with Tauck

The postcard versions are the short accounts I emailed home each day to a group of friends. They download as Word files, which must then be opened.

Planning ahead
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 3 October, Tallahassee to Paris
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 4 October, The rest of the way to Paris, Le Violon d'Ingres
(Postcard version) Thursday, 5 October, Naples in Paris, David Toutain
(Postcard version) Friday, 6 October, Musée Carnavalet, l'Ambroisie, Chez Papa
(Postcard version) Saturday, 7 October, Musée d'Orsay, Le Pré Catelan
(Postcard version) Sunday, 8 October, Jules Verne, the Paris Aquarium
(Postcard version) Monday, 9 October, Bofinger, Much Mucha, Le Gabriel
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 10 October, Musée Bourdelle, Bellefeuille
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 11 October, Once again, no Musée de la Poste; l'Assiette
(Postcard version) Thursday, 12 October, Paris to Naples to Sorrento, La Favorita
(Postcard version) Friday,13 October, A drive along the Amalfi Coast, La Favorita
(Postcard version) Saturday, 14 October, Pompeii, W Rome
(Postcard version) Sunday, 15 October, A Day in Imperial Rome, W Rome
(Postcard version) Monday, 16 October, St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums, W Rome
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 17 October, Orvieto, Posta Donini
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 18 October, Assisi and a wine tasting, Posta Donini
(Postcard version) Thursday, 19 October, Lucca, Grand Universe
(Postcard version) Friday, 20 October, Cinque Terre (not), Pisa, and Florence, Hotel Brunelleschi
(Postcard version) Saturday, 21 October, Florence, Hotel Brunelleschi
(Postcard version) Sunday, 22 October, Free day in Florence, Hotel Brunelleschi
(Postcard version) Monday, 23 October, High-speed train, serenaded gondola ride, Basilica di San Marco, Splendid Venice
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 24 October, The Doge's Palace, the Murano showroom, Splendid Venice
Wednesday, 25 October, Venice to Tallahassee