2022 Thistle Vacation Diaries

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Viewing my travel diaries as I intended: Except for the earliest of them, my diary pages are set up to display pairs of photos side by side, with text between, above, and below them. Because everyone's browser settings are different, they may not display that way on your screen. To view them as I set them up, narrow your browser window until the photos line up in side-by-side pairs and do not touch the ones above or below them. If you can't get that to work, try (in addition) adjusting the size at which text is displayed on your screen. In my browser, that's control-"+" to increase the size or control-"-" to decrease it. Good luck!

And this year, I tried something different. So many people said "Keep us posted of what you do each day" or "Send us a postcard!" that I compiled a list people who might be interested, wrote up a brief "postcard version" of each day's activities with a few photos, and emailed it home to the whole list. Once we got back, I immediately posted links to the postcard versions—they will download as Word files, which you'll then have to open from your "downloads" list— then as time permitted, I typed up and posted the full version as usual.

Bucharest to Amsterdam with Viking

Planning ahead
(Postcard version) Monday, 19 September, Tallahassee to Bucharest (via Atlanta and Amsterdam)
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 20 september, The rest of the way to Bucharest
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 21 September, Bucharest, Romania
(Postcard version) Thursday, 22 September, Turnu Măgurele, Romania/Nikopol, Bulgaria (Veliko Tarnovo & Arbanasi)
(Postcard version) Friday, 23 September, Vidin, Bulgaria (Belogradchik Rocks & Fortress, with artistic and culinary stopover)
(Postcard version) Saturday, 24 September, Golubac, Serbia (Lepenski Vir and Golubac Fortress)
(Postcard version) Sunday, 25 September, Belgrade, Serbia (Best Thereof)
(Postcard version) Monday, 26 September, Ilok, Vukovar, and Osijek, Croatia, with wine tasting and surprise home visit
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 27 September, Kalocsa, Hungary (and puszta with horsemen)
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 28 September, Budapest, Hungary, and the changing of the guard
(Postcard version) Thursday, 29 September, Budapest, Hungary (unicum and chocolate)
(Postcard version) Friday, 30 September, Vienna, Austria (with Mozart and Strauss)
(Postcard version) Saturday, 1 October, Vienna, Austria (panoramic, Lipizzans, Heurigen dinner)
(Postcard version) Sunday, 2 October, Melk, Austria (to visit the abbey)
(Postcard version) Monday, 3 October, Passau, Germany
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 4 October, Regensburg, Germany (making sausage!)
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 5 October, Nuremberg, Germany (art, gingerbread, and WWII)
(Postcard version) Thursday, 6 October, Bamburg, Germany
(Postcard version) Friday, 7 October, Würzburg, Germany
(Postcard version) Saturday, 8 October, Wertheim, Germany (without modern aristocracy)
(Postcard version) Sunday, 9 October, Koblenz, Germany (Ehrenbreitstein Fortress at last)
(Postcard version) Monday, 10 October, Cologne, Germany (and its beer culture)
(Postcard version) Tuesday, 11 October, Kinderdijk, the Netherlands (windmills and cheesemaking!)
(Postcard version) Wednesday, 12 October, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (disembarkation and home to Tallahassee)