2019 Thistle Vacation Diaries

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Paris on our own, then Paris to Zurich with Viking

Planning ahead
Tuesday, 11 June, Tallahassee to Paris
Wednesday, 12 June, The rest of the way from Tallahassee to Paris, but without counterfeiting
Thursday, 13 June, Impressionists at Louis Vuitton and tasting at Jacques Faussat
Friday, 14 June, Science with 500,000 five-year-olds and Frédéric Simonin
Saturday, 15 June, Danish painting at the Jacquemart-Andrée and stood up for dinner
Sunday, 16 June, Musée Grévin, the Mint, and Pur'
Monday, 17 June, Van Gogh writ large at the Atelier des Lumières; Violon d'Ingres by wayward bus
Tuesday, 18 June, Chez Marianne, Cognacq-Jaye, Chez l'Ami Jean
Wednesday, 19 June, The Opéra Bastille and Sur Mésur
Thursday, 20 June, The two halves of the Musée d'Arts Décoratifs and Au Trou Gascon
Friday, 21 June, Serendipitous impressionists and David Toutain
Saturday, 22 June, Rendez-vous with Viking and the Drouot Auction Rooms, then Passage 53
Sunday, 23 June, Lazy Day in Paris, with food
Monday, 24 June, Into the buses and off to Germany with Viking
Tuesday, 25 June, Tour of Trier and tasting at Bernkastel-Kues
Wednesday, 26 June, Cochem Reichsburg Castle, city tour, and wine tasting, without bicycles or kayaks
Thursday, 27 June, Koblenz and castles at teatime
Friday, 28 June, Mainz and a Taste of Germany
Saturday, 29 June, Speyer, with "wild" life
Sunday, 30 June, Strasbourg and wine tasting, with complicated logistics and real wildlife
Monday, 1 July, Basel: internationality and wickelfisch
Tuesday, 2 July, Zurich, the lake, expensive real estate, and chocolate!
Wednesday, 3 July, Zurich to Tallahassee, with swag
Restaurant and museum summary