2018 Thistle Vacation Diaries

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Three weeks in Paris

Planning ahead
Friday, 8 June, Tallahassee to Paris
Saturday, 9 June, the rest of the way to Paris (via the CDG emergency room) and the apartment
Sunday, 10 June, In the footsteps of the impressionists, with kareoke
Monday, 11 June, Immersed in Klimt and then the Trou Gascon
Tuesday, 12 June, Markets and Tintoretto at the Luxembourg
Wednesday, 13 June,The great mouse hunt, L'Ami Jean, and Corot at the Marmottant
Thursday, 14 June, Victor Hugo's house and Le Grand Véfour!
Friday, 15 June, Panic and Picasso
Saturday, 16 June, Off to the fair and to Aveyron
Sunday, 17 June, Napoleon and Joël
Monday, 18 June, Over the barricades with Delacroix (and about 500,000 of our closest friends)e
Tuesday, 19 June, Cassatt and Rostang
Wednesday, 20 June, Sidecar, Metallurgy, and the Violon d'Ingres
Thursday, 21 June, Vaux le Vicomte and Hélène Darro
Friday, 22 June, Porcelain and Aroma
Saturday, 23 June, Gégène and Jenny
Sunday, 24, Maillol in the city, Foujita, and La Dame de Pic
Monday, 25 June, Frustration, goats, artists, robots, and Celadon
Tuesday, 26 June, Impressionists abroad and Pur'
Wednesday, 27 June, Science at last and the last big dinner
Thursday, 28 June, Pasteur, emergency first aid, and sauerkraut
Friday, 29 June, Paris to Tallahassee
Miscellaneous stuff,
Restaurant and museum summary