2017 Thistle Vacation Diaries

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Russia with Viking and the Sinnetts.

Planning ahead
Thursday, 27 July, Tallahassee to Rockville, where chaos reigns
Friday, 28 July, Rockville, chaos coming under control
Saturday, 29 July, Rockville, brunch (near but not quite) in Washington Grove
Sunday, 30 July, Rockville to Moscow in the belly of the behemoth!
Monday, 31 July, The rest of the way to Moscow
Tuesday, 1 August, Moscow, life-jacket drill, touring, and folk music
Wednesday, 2 August, Moscow: museums (but not all the same ones) and the city by night
Thursday, 3 August, Moscow: Red Square, cathedrals, the metro, more touring, and cruising to Uglich
Friday, 4 August, Uglich, then on to Yaroslavl
Saturday, 5 August, Yaroslavl and beyond
Sunday, 6 August, Kuzino and the monastery (and the school)
Monday, 7 August, Kizhi and the museum of architecture
Tuesday, 8 August, cruising to Mandrogy and beyond
Wednesday, 9 August, St. Petersburg and the Cossacks
Thursday, 10 August, St. Petersburg: the Hermitage three ways and the ballet
Friday, 11 August, St. Petersburg: the Peterhof and Fabergé
Saturday, 12 August, St. Petersburg: moving to the hotel, St. Petersburg by land and by sea (well, river and canal)
Sunday, 13 August, St. Petersburg: last day!
Monday, 14 August, St. Petersburg to Rockville, with tour of Charles De Gaulle Airport
Tuesday, 15 August, Rockville
Wednesday, 16 August, Rockville to Tallahassee

Brief interlude for laundry and repacking . . .

Saturday, 19 August, Tallahassee to Greenville, SC
Sunday, 20 August, Greenville, SC: Wyeth and McKoy
Monday, 21 August, Greenville, SC: The Eclipse!
Tuesday, 22 August, Greenville, SC: City parks and a ball park
Wednesday, 23 August, Greenville, SC, to Tallahassee