Saturday, 27 June 2009, Sigh, Paris to Tallahassee

Written 11 July 2009

In a way, we were sad to see our taxi driver, waiting for us as promised when we came downstairs 10 minutes early, but on balance, catching the flight home is better than missing it; for one thing, the hotel had surely rented our room to somebody else for the coming nights. Despite the "grand départ," which should have started in earnest that morning, the traffic was light and the trip to the airport much faster than that coming the other way. We had time to check in, have breakfast, and catch our flight without hurrying. Security didn't even make us take off our shoes.

Pasport control and customs in Miami involved a lot of trekking from place to place and standing around waiting in line (much of it in front of one-way mirrors), but no serious hassles, and we were back in Tallahassee, on time and with all our luggage, rather sooner than we wanted to be. Time to start planning the next trip . . . .

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