September song

posted 13 June 2005

Written 13 June 2005

As the song says, the days grow short . . . .

We got back to Brest airport, via "Flybe" airlines (short for "Fly British European"), in time to come home to Plougonvelin for lunch. David then headed straight out for one last round of golf before we pack up our gear to ship it back to Florida. I stayed in to grocery shop, wash laundry, do a little prep cooking for the week, and work on the blog. I was able, now that I've had more practice, to open the washing machine without David's help—it's a matter of a sharp poke at the door-release button with a golf club. I find my putter works best, but David prefers the 9 iron. The weather has been gorgeous for days in a row now (since before we left for England), so I was even able to hang some of the laundry outside (since I'm here to rush out and bring it in in case a rain storm comes up before dinner time, as it sometimes does around here). I actually found myself thinking it's a hot, sunny day today, so I checked the temperature—20 degrees C, i.e., 68 degrees F. Clearly, Tallahassee weather is going to come as rather a shock.

In the supermarket, I kept discovering more products I wish I had time to try before we leave, but not many dinners remain. I'll miss a lot of things, especially seafood and dairy products, that I won't be able to get in Florida, and I'll miss the morning walk to the bakery for breakfast.

Now I'm sorting out what to pack for our 10 days in Spain, what to ship home, and what to leave here, either given to friends or contributed to the furnishings of the gîte. I'll work 3-4 more days at Ifremer, so I'll be able to post blog entries, check e-mail, etc. In Spain, I should be able to check e-mail, access the internet, and work most of the time while the ASLO meetings are on, but I don't know whether I'll be able to log onto the server to upload blog entries, so my thrilling accounts of Madrid and Santiago may have to wait.

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