Passers by

posted 3 June 2005

Marie-Claire, the database manager whose office I'm sharing, has spent this week at the conference center in Brest, at an international meeting of biological database managers. On Tuesday, she gave a talk on "Biocean" the multimedia database that Ifremer has just finished putting together, and today, she played host to two of her counterparts from Monterey Bay Aquarium and Research Institute. She gave them a tour of the department and introduced them to us, and then the three of them sat down around her computer and spent hours swapping notes on the intricacies of managing the torrent of information pouring in from cruise results—especially now that video has joined the mix.

We chatted with them for just a few minutes, but it was enough to discover many mutual acquaintanceships. Both of them work frequently with Jim Barry, David's co-investigator at MBARI, and one of then (Brian Schlining) says he's done a field season at Bamfield with Don Levitan!

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