Busy, busy . . .

posted 31 May 2005

Believe me, it's not because nothing is going on. Ijnteresting stuff just continues to happen faster than I can write it up, and because I'm busy participating in the interesting stuff, I have that much less time to write.

Lately, we've played golf, gone to Carantec for lunch (sight-seeng all the way), gone to Crozon for lunch (ditto) and to several other interesting places on its peninsula, learned a lot more about Patrick's poultry yard, gone to the Pointe Sainte Barbe for spectacular seafood dinners (twice), been invited over a few times, invited people over a few times, see more of the magnificent local agriculture, attended a 30th-anniversary party for long-time Ifremer employees (around here, the honoree gives the party), hiked parts of littoral trail #34, met the local wine merchant and his Scottish ex-marine-biologist wife, and eaten strawberries that remind you why people ever bothered to domesticate the strawberry to begin with. And we took pictures.

I hope to get all this stuff written up eventually, but it may take me until Christmas.

Le Foelguet Here are a couple of random pictures to be going on with . . .

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