And what's he doing in Brittany?

posted 26 May 2005 (updated 31 May 2005)

DT at Ifremer He started out by writing. finishing up a couple of papers that didn't get wrapped up in Villefranche. Then he got invited, by colleagues back in the USA, to join a couple of major research projects on short notice, so he scrambled for a couple of weeks to put together proposals. That was finally over last Wednesday (the deadline arrived, so the proposals had to be sent in, finished or not), so he went back to writing and tying up loose ends for a few days.

Ah, he sighed— all caught up. He plans to spend the rest of our time here reading (a scientist's reading is never done), starting with a raft of articles he downloaded in case he had time on his hands during the trip to Poland. And talking to people. He's systematically visting all his colleagues here in their offices, learning what they're up to, exchanging notes on future collaborations, etc.

And today, the weather suddenly turned mild and warm, and the wind died down, so after lunch, he shut down the computer and went off to play golf— just like that, on a Wednesday afternoon!

I've got deadlines of my own (plus editing his last manuscript before it gets sent in next week), so I didn't go along, but I'll get to play this weekend.

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