Checking up

posted 25 February 2005

Look out, Tallahassee! Jason's dad, master wood craftsman (and fellow musician) Michael, is coming to town this weekend for a visit. Actually we're a little miffed, since we've never succeeded in getting him to come visit us in Tallahassee. Anyway, now would be the time, if you wanted to get an estimate on, say, new cherry paneling for the den or solid-walnut cabinetry for the guest suite. E-mail Michael.

Michael promises to let us know if the house is still standing, but because he is the grand master of staying in touch without conveying any actual news, we will probably have to wait, for the full story, until we see him in March. During spring break in the Montgomery Co., Md., schools, we're meeting Jason's parents and our friends Ev and Rachel Sinnett for a week in Paris. We have reservations at the Belloy St. Germain, 3 rue Racine (check out its website, with 360-degree panoramic interior views). It's across the street from the famous Bouillon Racine and around the corner from Gibert Jeune, one of our favorite venues for used books and videos.

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