The cast of characters

posted 7 February 2005

Here are more photos taken at the luncheon after David's talk last Thursday.

Evelyn et al. Stephanie et al.At the left, left to right, Evelyn, a member of the custodial staff (and one of the chief organizers of the luncheon), Isabel, and Linda (both administrative assistants). At the right, left to right in the foreground, Marie-Em, John Dolan (a British member of the lab's staff), Rodolf, Marie-Do, Maëlle (the grad student who shares David's office), and Stephanie (a technician and the other chief organizer). The white object over Stephanie's head is the end of a plankton net; another can be seen tied back in the upper left corner. The iron gate originally separated the large hall full of galley slaves, where the people are standing, from the chapel provided for their salvation; they might be slaves and convicts, but they had to hear mass regularly, like it or not.

David et al.Here, David, on the right, is talking with (left to right), an Italian researcher (he's told me his name twice, but I still haven't caught it), Patrick Mayzaud (director of the "Équipe Réponses Biologiques et Physiologiques aux Contraintes du Milieu" (Biological and physiological respose to environmental constraints team), of which Laurence is a member), and Peter Wadham (who has just left a position at Cambridge to join the LOV). Laurence had commitments elsewhere and couldn't attend.

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