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Steve Thompson -- BioInfo 4U -- BioInformatics Course Modules:

I've developed lecture modules for several different courses at FSU and I've delivered a short talk for the Mathematics Colloquium Series:

  • A lecture for Biomedical Sciences 5525, Bioregulation (Spring 2008);
  • a two part, part 1 and part 2, presentation for Biochemistry 5405, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Spring 2007 & 2008);
  • a lecture and PowerPoint presentation for Biochemistry 5425, Molecular Biology (Spring 2001, 2002 & 2005);
    all of which were surveys of the concepts and algorithms involved in sequence analysis aspects of bioinformatics.
  • A presentation for the FSU undergraduate Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship recipients (Summer 2003);
  • a presentation for Library and Information Studies 4722, Information Representation (Spring 2001 & 2002) and study exercise providing a brief survey of what bioinformatics is all about;
  • and a presentation for the Mathematics Department Colloquium Series concerning the development of bioinformatics curricula at Florida State University (Spring 2001).

My home page is my Curriculum Vitae at:

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