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Special Topics Cell/Molecular: Molecular Phylogenetics

The syllabus can be foound here.

Course lectures and assigned readings

Lecture 1: In the beginning . . . the basics

Ubuntu -- read all you can stand.

Lecture 2: Similarity searching and homology

The Statistics of Sequence Similarity Scores Altschul, NCBI.
Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs Altschul, et al. 1997.
Improved tools for biological sequence comparison Pearson and Lipman, 1988.
Protein sequence comparison and protein evolution Pearson, 2001.
Pearson's FastA server page Pearson, Univ. Virginia.

Lecture 3: Sequence alignment and how it matters!

Multiple sequence alignment Edgar and Batzoglou, 2006.
Upcoming challenges for multiple sequence alignment methods in the high-throughput era Kemena and Notredame, 2009.
Multiple sequence alignment for phylogenetic purposes Morrison, 2006.

Lecture 4: How to infer phylogenies

Maximum Likelihood in Phylogenetics Lewis, 2009.
Bayesian Phylogenetics Lewis, 2009.
Likelihoods and Phylogenies Felsenstein, 2009.
All references from 2009 Workshop on Molecular Evolution at the Marine Biological Laboratory (most with complete PDFs).

Lecture 5: Coalescence Peter Beerli's Coalescence lecture.

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