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Introduction to Biology: Organismal Biology

The syllabus can be found here.

Section I: What is Life?

Common themes of molecular/cellular biology

Lecture 1: Biochemistry -- atoms and molecules
Lecture 2: What is a cell? Ultrastructure and membranes
Lecture 3: Energy metabolism I
Lecture 4: Energy metabolism II
Lecture 5: Photosynthesis, oh yeah

Section II: Molecular and classical genetics

Lecture 6: Student Success Center presentation
Lecture 7: What is DNA and how does it replicate?
Lecture 8: The cell cycle and mitosis
Lecture 9: Sex: [just about] everybody does it!
Lecture 10: Classical genetics
Lecture 11: Human genetics
Lecture 12: DNA transcription and regulation

Let's not forget molecules and cells, but on to physiology!

Section III: The primary producers -- algae (and others) to plants

Lecture 13: A presentation and VSU Herbarium tour by Dr. Richard Carter and an Exam II review
Lecture 14: Plant form and function
Lecture 15: Flowering plant reproduction and development
Lecture 16: The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan as presented by PBC

Section IV: Animal physiology and embryology

Lecture 17: Tissue and organ systems in animals
Lecture 18: The nervous system and the senses
Lecture 19: Regulation -- the endocrine and renal systems
Lecture 20: Motion -- the skeleton and muscles
Lecture 21: Oxygen in, CO2 out -- circulation and respiration
Lecture 22: Keeping the machinery going -- eating other life
Lecture 23: Keeping the bad guys at bay -- immunology
Lecture 24: Animal embryology and development
Lecture 25: Biotechnology -- 'Frankenfoods,' cloning, biomedical miracles, and other fables
Lecture 26: Semester wrap up

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