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Introduction to Biology: The Evolution and Diversity of Life

The syllabus can be found here.

Section I: The Evolutionary Framework

The nature of science, and of life

Lecture 1: What Evolution is, and what it isn't
Lecture 2: Natural selection, and variation through mutation
Lecture 3: Population genetics and the neutral theory
Lecture 4: Speciation and extinction
Lecture 5: 'Tree of Life,' 'primitive,' 'progress' & 'contingency'
Lecture 6: Seeing evolution -- morphology
Lecture 7: Seeing evolution -- molecules
Lecture 8: Phylogenetics -- how it all fits together
Lecture 9: Origins and deep time -- hard to imagine
Lecture 10: Human evolution -- where we came from

Section II: Archaea and Bacteria, the so-called Prokaryotes

A hidden and misunderstood world

Lecture 11: Student Success Center presentation
Lecture 12: More different, more prevalent, and more ancient
Lecture 13: The major phyla
Lecture 14: Archaea -- Carl Woese and its discovery
Lecture 15: They're everywhere, including the most extreme places
Lecture 16: Bacteria -- many good guys and bad guys
Lecture 17: Bacterial promiscuity -- sexier than you thought -- and bacterial genomics
Lecture 18: Bacterial bad guys, disease, and antibiotic resistance
Lecture 19: Bacterial good guys -- work for us and absolutely necessary

Section III: Eukaryotes

Lecture 20: What we know (we thought) and see (we thought)
Lecture 21a: Protista -- not really a kingdom -- way more critters than you knew, and all sorts of 'em
Lecture 21b: Exam II Review
Lecture 22: The plant world, life needs 'em
Lecture 23: Spores versus seeds, and then fruit
Lecture 24: Fungi -- more than just 'shrooms
Lecture 25: Invertebrates -- the creepy, crawlies of life
Lecture 26: Vertebrates -- 'spineless' and fishy ones, plus the amphibians
Lecture 27: Reptiles, including birds, and then mammals, including us!
Lecture 28: What about viruses?

Section IV: Ecology and Biodiversity

Lecture 29a: Why can't we all just get along?
Lecture 29b: Exam III Review
Lecture 30: Planet Earth, the Jungle
Lecture 31: What is a community, an ecosystem?
Lecture 32: Biomes -- i.e. the niches of life
Lecture 33: Gaia ideas
Lecture 34: Behavioral ecology
Lecture 35: Human impact on the biosphere
Lecture 36: Semester wrap up

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