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Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference

Florida State University, March 28-30, 2008



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Sign up for a field trip!

We need to get a head count for the following field trips. Please decide which field trip you would like to attend and email Nikki Fogarty at fogarty@bio.fsu.edu with your preference!!!

OPTION 1: Canoe on the Wakulla River:
Depart FSU at 12:30 pm and return to FSU ~5:30. Begin at T-n-T Hideaway Canoe rental ( http://tnthideaway.com/) approximately a 3.5 hour trip.
The Wakulla River is spring fed and emerges from under ground at the Wakulla Springs State Park, the trip is 6 miles of slow moving easy paddling. Wildlife is abundant along the banks, the pristine water is excellent for viewing the underwater grasses, fish, snails, turtles and manatees. All prices quoted are for 4 hours rental, equipment and sales tax included. Canoes:, 2 person per canoe $25, 3 person per canoe $30. Kayaks: Single sit in or sit on top - $20, Single fishing kayak - $20, Tandem sit in or sit on top - $30.

We were considering offering two options to the field trips participants based on weather (or by popular vote):
1. Snake Trip (warm sunny weather) -- St. Marks NWR. Leave at 12:30pm, be back 6:00. We'll hike the Florida Scenic Trail and observe the herpetofauna of the coastal slash pine flatwoods. Common species are four species of watersnake, cottonmouth, pigmy rattlesnakes, racers, bluestripe garter snakes, bluestripe ribbon snakes, and scarlet kingsnakes. If we get lucky, we'll see an eastern kingsnake or eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Of course, alligators and an assortment of basking turtles are a guarantee. Dress accordingly.

2. Amphibian Trip (cool or wet weather) -- TNC's Garden of Eden and the Apalachicola National Forest. Leave at 12:30, be back at 6:00. We'll hike the steephead ravines and flip logs for stream dwelling salamanders. We'll then take the dipnets to the national forest to look for Siren, Amphiuma, and Necturus. Dress accordingly.

We will be heading down to the Florida State Marine Laboratory at 12:30 at Turkey Point to explore the facility and some of the coastal environments. Activities may include nearshore wading and a flattop boat trip with the possibility of some seagrass trawling for local fauna. Please wear clothes that you won't be upset about getting wet. We should be back around 5:30pm.

Meeting Schedule

The graduate students at Florida State University are excited to host the SEEC Conference this year, and we are dedicated to bring in as many graduate students from universities in the southeast as possible! We are also welcoming undergraduates and post-docs to come and tell us about your research. Right now we are working hard to get as much funding as possible so we will be able to provide meals, t-shirts, and conference goodies.

Contact information: Call 850-645-1195 or 850-644-6585

Fri March 28
  • Registration from 5-7pm at HCB
  • 7pm: Plenary lecture by Joseph Travis followed by socializing time (102 HCB)
Sat March 29
  • 8am: Breakfast provided
  • 9am -12pm: Scheduled talks
  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch (provided)
  • 1pm-4pm: Scheduled Talks
  • 4pm-6pm: Poster session and happy hour (Dodd Hall Werkmeister room)
  • 6pm: Dinner (provided) followed by raffle and more socializing with music at the Painted Lady
Sun March 30
  • 10am: Breakfast (provided)
  • 11am: Concluding remarks by Walter Tschinkel (102 HCB) and awards for best talk and poster
  • Afternoon: Field trip to see some awesome local flora and fauna

St. Andrews State Park