I. Introductory A. The O2 and CO2 Shuttle System 1. Metabolism of Glucose for Energy 2. The Carbonic Anhydrase Shift II. Gas Transport A. Respiratory Pigments and Characteristics of O2 B. Hemoglobin and the Law of Mass Action C. Mechanism of Gas Transport 1. Partial Pressures 2. Simple Diffusion D. Hemoglobin Dissociation Kinetics 1. Bohr Effect E. CO2 Transport 1. Haldene Effect III. Gas Exchange A. Microanatomy of the Lungs B. Respiratory Cycles 1. Boyle's Law 2. Respiratory Muscles C. Airway Resistance 1. Asthma 2. Chronic Bronchitis 3. Emphysema/Smoking 4. SIDS D. Spirometry - A Tool for Lung Disease Diagnosis