I. Male and Female Reproductive Physiology A. Anatomical Structures and Primary Functions B. Sex Determination 1. As the Default 2. Phenotypic vs Genotypic Sex C. Gametogenesis 1. Oogenesis 2. Spermatogenesis D. Hormonal Regulation of Male Puberty II. The Ovarian Cycle A. Hormonal Regulation B. Menstrual Cycle C. Menopause III. Sexual Intercourse A. Hormonal Timing of Reproduction B. Male vs. Female Sex Act IV. Fertilization and Initial Fetal Development A. Physiological Events Leading to the Zygote B. Implantation C. Placentation D. Infertility V. Pregnancy and Lactation A. Response of Body to Pregnancy B. Exercise Pros and Cons C. Parturition 1. E/P ratios 2. Oxytocin 3. PG 4. ACTH D. Lactation 1. Benefits of Breast Feeding