Hormone Regulation

I. Introductory A. Two Main Control Systems for Cell-Cell Communication 1. Nervous system 2. Endocrine system II. General Characteristics of Hormones A. The Ductless Glands B. Neurotransmitter vs. Neurohormones C. Neuromodulation D. Hypo- and Hypersecretion, the Basis for Disease E. Receptor Specificity and Saturation F. Genetically Engineered Hormone Production III. Chemical Classification of Hormones A. Amines B. Polypeptides/Glycoproteins C. Steroids D. Trophic Factors IV. Mechanisms of Hormone Action A. Second-messenger Meditated B. HRE Mediated C.. Modulation of Electrical Activity V. Hypothalamus and Pituitary Endocrine Glands A. Vascular and Neural Links B. Posterior Pituitary 1. Vasopressin 2. Oxytocin C. Anterior Pituitary 1. TSH 2. ACTH 3. Prolactin 4. GH 5. LH, FSH 6. MSH D. Long and Short Negative Feedback